My RG on me

  1. Couldnt resist as its half price during the sale period.

    Colour isnt captured very well. Looks grey here. They told me its camel but looks more dull toffee to me.
    For comparison, my pumps are olive.


  2. Looks awesome! And its such a great buy! I'm sure u will find a lot of use for it very soon! Congrats
  3. Fabulous! I was this close to getting the sage at half price too. But then the SA showed me the taupe ostrich and I was totally blown away. Plus I thought the sage is not as versatile as your brown which I was also told went on sale but sold out at 30% off. Lucky you.
  4. I love the Rive Gauche! Congrats and enjoy your new bag. :yes:
  5. looks beautiful on you... a great deal too!
  6. great bag!
  7. looks great on you ive always wanted to an RG and now im buying :yes: cant wait to get mine ! how is the leather on the bag is it soft ? do you find it heavy ?
  8. Thank you all. I love it.
    Kaka, the leather is super soft. So soft and luxurious you wanna touch it all the time is definitely lighter than the muse. So I was quite surprised when the next day, I felt my arms aching slightly :p
  9. Beautiful, looks great!!
  10. thank so much for the feedback im getting mine in a couple of days :heart: what color is yours im getting the chocolate
  11. WOW! Every time I see this bag I want it!!!!!! Congrats!
  12. that's gorgeous!
    i need to get my hands on one of those...
  13. heh. told ya it'd make a good diaper bag. beats the hermes anytime - as a diaper bag, i mean :p
  14. wow...awesome!! I like your little bomb with this hottie bag. You would be the hottest mom:yahoo:.
  15. Beautiful bag! One of favorites I've owned so far... and I'm actually using the RG as diaper bag, I have the chocolate. It fits everything, easy to clean the inside lining, and look fabulous too! Congratulations again!