My replacement hangtag i ordered FINALLY arrived and

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  1. it is not the match to my bag....It is a large brass hangtag that i will NOT put on my bag...boohoo. I wish we were able to buy the correct hangtag. I would pay for it. Would you?
  2. That stinks! Call them and tell them that they sent you the wrong one!

    You might want to check ebay too because I sometimes see people selling just hangtags.
  3. I emailed coach yesterday inquiring about it, and CS said that it was on back order , and that it had been mailed out already. I thought, oh cool it must be my match! Then i asked if it was the exact match, and she emailed and said, she did not know, whatever was available was mailed? I guess the one i needed was not available...
  4. I had a black ergo that needed a tag and they sent the exact one the first try. I am now waiting on a Bleecker strap keeper..........I am holding my breath on it being the correct one.
  5. I may be wrong, but it seems like if they don't have the exact match to you bag, they send a solid metal one that matches your bag hardware. The same thing happened to me and I got a solid brass one. I didn't use it because it made my bag look cheap. It seems to be hit or miss, some people get the exact replacement on the first try and others seem to keep getting the wrong ones over and over. Who knows...
  6. I called last night for one and hopefully they will have it but they told me if they don't then I will get a brass one.
  7. Today, CS told me that many times they send out the brass ones if the original one isn't available. What type of bag is it? Maybe it would be worth calling and asking for a similar tag from a different bag?
  8. Oh wow, this really does stink!! I'm sorry, and I don't blame you for not wanting to use it. I'm sure the same will happen to me. A few weeks ago I ordered one for my ombre tote, which is an older style. My guess is if they ever do fill the order, it will be the wrong one. So I'm just looking to put a nice key fob on it at this point!

    I guess I can understand them not having the older tags, but what drives me INSANE is hardware issues with brand new bags. Do you know that they actually had to send a whole new metallic Bridgit to the store, so that my SA could remove and send me the Legacy logo snap head that hangs with the hang tag separately?? Mine originally didn't have one, and apparently they can't just get the little disk separately because it's nickel, and all they had were the brass ones. WTF...this is a BRAND NEW bag, and they don't stock extra hardware???

    I hope you can get the right hang tag!!
  9. oh wow that is weird baglady39. the brass ahngatg they sent looks really cheap. my bag isn't that old, so i figured they would have the match but i guess ill have to scour ebay!
  10. Still haven't gotten mine. I emailed and they replied immediately and said allow 1-2 weeks (already has been) and that she didn't show that it had been mailed yet!
  11. I got a big brass hangtag too. Not a Bleecker Hangtag. Package insert said they were out.
  12. do they email a tracking number or anything? I ordered one for my patchwork carly several weeks ago...still not here
  13. I received a little tiny rubber looking replacement tag for an ergo tote. It was just horrible looking. I didn't put it on my bag, but took it to the boutique the next time I went and gave it to them in case someone wanted it. I called CS again and was told the replacement for my bag was not available (this is a pebbled tote that just came out this spring.)
  14. I ordered some... lets hope they don't screw up like they did when I sent a bag in for repair