My red Chanel dilemma: pre-fall '16 red boy or last summer's red mini?

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  1. Dear TPFers, I'd be grateful for your opinions on this. I got the most gorgeous red caviar mini with ruthenium hardware last summer. The caviar is firm yet puffy, she's made in Italy and is really eye catching. I was in Chanel yesterday and a woman (without my consent!!!) literally pawed it saying she has been looking for this one for ages. I remember literally losing sleep in order to get her. She is really special to me.

    Now, there is a lot of controversy around this season's bags. I have been hankering after a red boy bag in old medium after seeing it on fellow TPFers (pursesandpugs and karenbritchik). They were incredible lucky to secure the gorgeous 14b red boy bag. I have read all the negative reviews on this season's caviar boys. I got the camel boy in old medium despite the negative reviews and love it. It goes with everything in my wardrobe. I normally prefer firm but puffy caviar. I don't like rigid and plasticky caviar nor the super soft one. This, although softer, doesn't feel flimsy and I love it.
    Now when I got my camel boy I could not forget about the red one. It was really pretty in real life, a rich brick red, very wearable for someone like me who prefers neutrals. I then got it but have 12 days now for a refund if I change my mind. I love this boy too! I don't want to spend this much money on 2 boy bags and even though I might be able to afford to keep both if I let go of a few bags I am not sure. Also it feels like 2 red bags of relatively similar shapes and sizes might be redundant.

    If you had to choose one over the other which one would you choose? Mini or boy?
  2. Boy... image.jpeg
  3. Mini image.jpeg
  4. My other Chanels: Black 226 reissue, beige caviar m/l, pink lambskin m/l, camel boy old medium
  5. Oh girl, I feel your struggle! Every single one of your bags are scrumptuous. You probably can not make a wrong decision. If it were me, i THINK i would keep the mini & sell the return the red boy (for various reasons that I won't drone on about because the decision is truly up to you my dear!) Will surely be interesting to hear others of luck, as always. Hugs.
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  6. I am biased as I have the same mini so that would be the one for keeps for me. If keeping both is defo not an option, I say return the boy bag.
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  7. Love that mini, I wouldn't let it go. Which one do you see yourself using more based on function and occasion?
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  8. Hmm...well I will admit I am not a fan of the Caviar on this Seasons Boy's but since you have the Camel and love it, it does make it a harder choice. I still would probably keep the mini, since the Caviar is really nice on it and you feel is firm, etc. Because to be honest since the rectangle mini's are seasonal they are not made with the same structure & construction as Classics and I've seem plenty of the iridescent rectangle caviar mini's looking an out of shape mess but yours looks great.

    As for them being redundant, they are 2 completely different looks, so if you were to decide to keep both I don't feel like it's repeating.
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  9. I would sell the red mini and get the red boy. I think one red bag is enough, and in this case, the red boy looks better. Personally I prefer shinny hardware with the cc closure. Anyway, you have a really lovely collection!
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  10. Thank you very much for your opinions. I definitely want to keep my mini. As lallybelle said they aren't necessarily always this well made. I am going to try and see if I can keep the red boy if not I will return.
  11. Based on what you have, it's better for you to keep the red mini.

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  12. That mini is a keeper!
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  13. That mini is gorgeous :heart:
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  14. The mini no question about it. It's so rare to be able to find a caviar mini these days.
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  15. Rectangle mini since they are so rare