My recent purchases...with PICS.

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  1. Here is some of the things I've purchased recently, I love my epi speedy 25 in canelle and matching agenda. And I just got my Horizontal Lockit and Papillon 30 today from elux. I'm very excited, but I found two flaws, on the bottom of the HL, there is a scratch. I don't know if this is normal, it's not a very deep scratch. It's hard to photograph too. And also my papillon 30, which I love too, the strap is kind of defective, the part where it is glued, on one side, it is kind of opening up and might get worse. So, do you think I can take it to the store and get an exchange. I really should exchange the papillon but on the lockit, am I being too picky because there is a scratch, it'll probably end up being all messed up anyway, but I feel weird not getting a "perfect" piece, kwim?
    vuitton 10-06 001 ADD.jpg

    vuitton 10-06 006.jpg

    vuitton 10-06 011 ADD.jpg
  2. vuitton 10-06 014 ADD.jpg

    vuitton 10-06 016 ADD.jpg

    I don't know if you can tell from the pics. I'm really disappointed in LV's quality control. My papillon was an exchange for my Illovo mm, which was really giving off alot of color transfer.
  3. Congrats on your gorgeous new purchases! I love everything!:yahoo:As for the damaged items, I would definitely exchange the Papillon, it might get worse. Also, if you are going back to exchange the Papillon, you might as well exchange the LH for one w/o any scratches. It will prob get scratched in the future anyways, but it might bother you since it shouldn't have any scratches to start with since it's brand new.
  4. very nice! enjoy!
  5. Nice purcahses ! I agree, if you're not happy with your bags return them for another. Im sure if you go into LV they will exchange them.
  6. I like all of them! i like the new epi color now lol
  7. Congrats on the purchases! I would def. exchande, especially the papillion...the scratch, well that's up to you, if it is always going to bug you....I would. Did you get the LH and Pap. from elux? Didn't LV change there policy, where it has to go back to elux now?
  8. Thanks. Oh, no, LV won't do an in-store exchange? I guess, I might as well just send it back to elux.
  9. I love everything! Yes, you should exchange it! You are paying that much money, the minimum you can get is perfection!
  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!! I would definetly exchange sounds like it's bugging you....I would expect nothing but perfection!
  11. Congrats!!! beautiful bags!!!
    and I'd also say exchange them! ditto to twiggers!
  12. Beautiful bags, but you spent your money on quality goods and deserve to be completely satisfied, right?:yes:
  13. Congrats! Everything is gorgeous.
  14. congratulations.. such a great taste :smile:
  15. Congrats. I love all of your bags.