My rant: NARS Lipgloss/Lips Stain

  1. So, I've searched forever to find some NARS products here in Germany, finally found some and decided to go with the Gloss/Stain Duo in Sandpiper/Daredevil.

    I apply it and it looks great at first glance. Fast forward 30 minutes: I'm sitting in the car and feel like my lips are slowly burning up. SO looks and me and goes "Whoa, honey, what's up with your lips?!" :shocked: .... they've gone from soft and healthy to dry and chapped in a record time :cursing: I've never had anything like that happen before. I guess there's something in there that I don't react to very well :tdown: what a bummer. :crybaby:
  2. Yikes! I use Nars lipgloss and it's fine on me. Perhaps it's the tint that is bothersome?
  3. huh? thats weird! I use NARS lipglosses and I dont have a problem, and I got some dry lips!!

    maybe you should have gotten the original lipglosses, i dont know about that dual thing
  4. That is strange. I agree that it sounds like an allergic reaction. As far as I know the dual things are just 2 different shades of the normal glosses, so it must just be one of the ingredients Nars uses :shrugs:

    I've never had a reaction like that, but I've had lots of glosses make me break out around my mouth so it looks like I have herpes or something :push:
  5. I know that my skin reacts that way to NARS eyeshadow. My eye got all crusty and dry and red and itchy.. It sounds like an allergic reaction.

    No NARS for us. :sad: it sad too cause i really want the orgasm blush.
  6. That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear of your allergic reaction to NARS. Personally, I use a lot of their stuff for myself and clients.

    Willyouletgo: Have you ever tried the multi-stick in Orgasm? It's basically a cream version of the color and you can use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Maybe you'll be OK with that?