My purchase for fall *pics*

  1. I love this Louis Vuitton Hudson bag, It´s not very popular bag - I think!
    It is right size for me.
    I have Manhattan GM also, and they have matching look,
    so I can wear them at the same time when I travel.

  2. Congrats! I hope you will enjoy it this season!
  3. mmmm, nice purchase. congrats.

    use it well and you'll get great looking patina.
  4. Awesome! I just recently got the same one too :tup: Congrats!
  5. I will take good care of it! Thank You for Your comments! :smile:
  6. OMG!!!! Love it... Congrats
  7. LVoe it!!! Congratz. I've never seen that before!
  8. Love the Hudson. She's a great bag. Congrats and have fun with her.
  9. congrats ! 1st time to see this bag ! pls show us some modeling pictures ????
  10. I adore the hudson!! Its such a classy bag and you dont see it everyday! CONGRATS!!
  11. That's gorgeous, I want one too,lol.
  12. oh, that is such a cuuuuute bag! you're right that it's probably overlooked...yes, thanx for pointing out the fact that it matches the Manhattan GM...I hadn't thought of will look so chic traveling with them both! congrats!
  13. Congrats!It's beautyful!
  14. I love that bag! Congrats! I really want it, but it is just too small for me. I don't like the GM... I am very jealous of your new goodie!
  15. Congrats!! It's a very pretty bag!