My Puppy Ginger - And Her Surgery

  1. Ginger is a Pomeranian, only 8-9 months old and has been a member of our family since April/May.

    She is a little monster with an extreme amount of energy! She runs as though she has a rocket strapped to her back.She barely barks. She barely even knows she can bark. Its as if the barks accidentally escapes out of her when we tease her with a toy and pretend like we are going to throw it. She loves to push my room door slightly open, sneak into my room and steal stuffed animals near the floor while I'm not looking! I usually catch her because the amount of space through the open door (made by her) is small so she doesn't fit back through with the stuffed animal in her mouth. She really has filled our hearts and home with love since our 11 year old family dog passed away last October.

    Ginger fractured her elbow on her front left paw 1.5 weeks ago. After a week in a cast her bone did not get better. There was no choice but to operate and put a metal pin inside her little bone. =(

    Her surgery was yesterday and I was soooo worried! She is like the baby of the family (she took my place, LOL!)

    Took this picture with my phone yesterday while visiting her:


    The vet said that she was extremely medicated so she wouldn't feel the pain. My mom was already there with her by the time I arrived. She was conscious enough to recognize me because she tried to move when she saw me. It broke my heart to see her like that!

    The vet told us that the surgery went well and showed us the xray of her elbow with the pin in place.

    I went to visit her this morning again. Took another picture with my phone:


    She is still medicated but was standing on her own. She wasn't putting the paw down but looked much better than the day before. It still broke my heart to see her like that. She didn't really react when she saw me. It made me want to cry. The vet said that the medication still has her in the clouds.

    I want her back home! The house doesn't feel the same without her at my feet during dinner trying to bite off my socks.

    I can post better pictures of her (normal picture) when I'm back on my home computer.
  2. Oh Lissi! It breaks my heart to see these pictures of Ginger. My eyes got watery at work when I saw them, lol. She seems to be doing much better based on the picture you took today. She's so pretty!!! :heart:

    Get well soon Ginger!!! :flowers:
  3. Awww...those pictures made me tear up seeing her like that :sad: She is such a cutie & I hope she gets better soon :flowers:
  4. I hope she gets better soon too. I was hoping to set her up on a little date with Toby but I"ll have to postpone that idea for now.
  5. He would probably get so scared, and run away... but I'm up for it! :yes:
  6. She's so cute in spite of the cast or dressing. How hard would it be to operate on a small elbow???

    Prayers for you all for her complete recovery!
  7. omg those pictures BROKE MY HEART!!!!!
    i was smiling while i was reading the part where she squeezes through the door :smile:
    and then i literally clapped my hands to my mouth when i saw the pictures
    i hope for FULL recovery!
  8. Ginger is absolutely ADORABLE! I hope she feels better very soon and you have her back home to cuddle & love:heart:. I'm very sorry about your other dog. Hugs to you!
  9. She's such a beauty! I hope she gets well soon. Hug her (carefully) for me!
  10. The vet and assistant told me it was a difficult surgery and took a while. They had to push a wire (about as thick as a paper clip) into a bone that is.... well about the same size or smaller than a pinky finger bone.
  11. And thank you those that wished for a full recovery. My mom visited Ginger last this afternoon while I was in my night class. The vet said that she will most likely be able to come home tomorrow afternoon.

    She won't have a cast on her paw anymore but will have a bandage over it to prevent her from injuring herself further. Unfortunately, we'll have to keep her in a really small cage for at least two weeks. She is not allowed to run around and/or jump. We are told by the vet that she is only allowed to leave the cage and walk so she can go to the bathroom.

    We wouldn't have to keep her in a cage so much if she was able to stay calm... but she is insane and will want to run and dance the first chance she gets. LOL!
  12. I'm glad to hear she will be coming home this afternoon. You must be so excited! :yahoo:

    Hopefully, her and Toby can meet soon! Should be interesting to see them both together, and how they react to one another. :yes:

    Does this mean you have to go buy yet another cage? lol.

  13. OMG, just imagining the operation sends me shiver. Poor lil Ginger, I wish her a speedy recovery. Give Ginger lotsa hugs from me, and Bhobho sends his well wishes too (he's my 7 yr old maltese cross).
  14. awww poor thing! I'm glad she gets to come home soon and be with her family!
  15. I'm sorry about your baby. I hope she feels better soon. I know you must miss her terribly.