My poor kittie family

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  1. I don't really know where to start. I feel like my kittie family is falling apart. 2 weeks ago by boy Bert got a tooth abscess and had to have an op to remove the tooth. My poor little boy died on the operating table. I knew I was in trouble when the vet rang. I would have expected one of the nurses had everything been ok. I have his sister at home and she had been pining for him. She stopped eating at few days ago but the vets told me this could happen. she is also old and I knew somethinhg else wasnt right. she went to the vets last week for a check up as she had been sneezing lots. I took her back today and it was confirmed it was as expected kidney failure. I'm sure the depression just took away all her hope. So I've lost two kittles in two weeks.

    Just to add to the chaos, I came hope yesterday and Vesta didn't want any dinner. This in itself is hugely odd. I went to the horse and got a panicky phone all from DH, Vesta was vomiting blood. I rushed him to the vets who did bloodwork. thankfully they all came back clear and they suspect Gastro-enteritis.
    They have put Him on fluids and antibiotics. When his tummy is better he should be allowed home. The vets told me they suspect Sunday if all goes well.

    Its so quiet at home and no kitties on the bed at night. Two weeks ago i had a happy family and everything has changed so quickly.

    I'm trying to be positive as they were old rescue cats and spent their final years in a happy home but im so upset.

    Thank you for reading, I just needed to let it all out, life can be a real ***** sometimes.
  2. Oh Sally! :cry:

  3. Damn crying smilies! They are making me cry!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh, big hugs to you!! I'm so so sorry for your loss!
  5. so sorry for your loss!
  6. So sorry for your losses
    I hope kitty comes home real soon
  7. What a horrible 2 weeks. I'm so sorry. :cry: It is a good idea to stay positive. You did give your rescue babies a warm, happy, safe home where they were well loved. A cat can't ask for more than that. ((((HUGS))))
  8. :sad:

    So sorry
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss! I know exactly how you feel since I lost 2 cats myself a few months ago. Just keep thinking about fun moments and look at photos, it will cheer you up :smile:
  10. I am so sorry! What a dreadful patch you are going through
  11. Oh Sally :sad: I am so, so sorry for your loss. I hope your sweet little guy gets to come home on Sunday and will bring some joy back into your life.
  12. sally I am so sorry
  13. I'm so sorry! :hugs:
  14. Oh OP, there aren't words. I'm so sorry.
  15. Sally I can't imagine how sad you must be. Lucky they had such a great home for the last few year :smile: hugs