My poor Dune Mini Lin Speedy

  1. I posted yesterday about how well this bag held up in the rain, sleet and snow. I just wasn't sure how well it would do once it got dirty. Well today I found out the hard way. I accidentally rubbed the purse against my disgustingly dirty car that hasn't been washed in months and has a build up from all the snow we have had lately. So in my panic of thinking what to do, I grabbed for the baby wipes I keep in my car and guess what? They worked! Took the BLACK dirt off and once it dried you could never tell it was dirty.
    I know how much a few TPF'ers have been about this color, so hopefully this helps!
    Thanks for listening.
  2. Good to know! Thanks!
  3. Wow~thanks for sharing!!
  4. Wow, thats really good to know.

    Thank goodness for those handy baby wipes you had in your car. ;)
  5. oh that was a close call. good that you got the dirt out! :balloon:
  6. wow!! thanks!!!
  7. woah! that's great to know, i love the dune color!
  8. I love this! Been trying all along reassure the unfounded fears of the the Mini Lin Dune.Thanks so much for posting!:flowers:
  9. wow!!! thats good to know :yes: thanks for sharing ;)
  10. thanks for sharing! Mini Lin can go up against ANYTHING!!!:yahoo:
  11. Yah for baby wipes!
  12. i love baby wipes! i use them for practically everything... lol. my friends are always wondering why i have a box of baby wipes, and refills because there's no baby in the house!

    i'm still planning on getting something mini lin in this color... perhaps a cles, since i don't really like any of the bags. the speedy 30 is too big for me. :sad:
  13. Very good tip- thanks
  14. thanks for sharing.
  15. Great to know!