My poor Camellis sunnies! What would you do?


What would you do?

  1. Ask office for replacement sunglasses.

  2. Let it go, as the office is not responsible for my personal stuff.

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  1. I have a strange little dilemma, and would love to hear your opinions please.

    So I had lasik done last Friday. I went in with my jumbo, a folder with all the paperworks and prescription drops per the doctor's instructions. Also brought my Chanel Camellia sunnies with me as I was told my eyes would be extremely sensitive to light after the surgery.

    I had to go from room to room for various exams, pics, etc, and initially I took my stuff with me, toward the end, after I was given a sedative, the nurse walked me from the exam room to waiting room to OR, and he carried my stuff for me. After the lasik was done, I got ready to leave, and went to put on my sunnies, and they were gone, sunglasses and case!!!!! My jumbo and folder of paperworks were there, but my sunnies had disappeared. I asked the nurse and receptionist, and the receptionist said "yes, I remember your Chanel sunglasses when you came in." They looked in all the rooms, and my sunnies were no where to be found. They reassured me they will continue to look and would call me when they find them, and gave me a pair of disposable sunnies to wear home. Next day, I came back for post-op follow up, asked again for my Chanels, again, no luck. The receptionist said they turned the place upside down and couldn't find them. I heard her telling the doctor on Saturday that she saw me walk in with a Chanel case, and when I left, the case was no where to be found. The doctor told me they do cleaning on Saturday, and will continue to look. Mind you, the black Chanel hard-case is not that small, and can be easily overlooked. I couldn't look for them myself on Friday since I was a bit woozy and practically blind, LOL.

    I'll be going back on Friday for my 1 week follow-up. If they can't find my sunnies by then, which I'm sure are gone, would you ask the office to replace them? The office is very small and professional. When I was there on Friday, there was only 1 other patient there, plus the staff. Those were my very favoriate sunglasses, and I would like them back. But am I being unreasonable to want them to replace them? Would you just let it go?
  2. where exactly were they left during the procedure?
  3. They were in the waiting room right before you go into the OR. It is a small room with 2 padded chairs. They left all my stuff there, jumbo, folder, sunnies. There were no one there waiting for the procedure except me.
  4. Interesting question. I suppose the office will say they are not liable for lost or misplaced items brought into the office?
  5. OH NO!!! not the camelia sunnies....yes, Lani I would ask for replacement., if they told you to leave them there and they were gone....I am so sad:heart:H
  6. I would ask the office to replace them. To me, it seems pretty obvious that a staff member took them. They remember you coming in with them, and then they are nowhere to be found. If they had you leave your purse in that pre OP room, then I would feel safe also leaving my sunglasses there too. I would let the doctor know exactly what happened, and also let him know how expensive they were (maybe you still have the receipt?). I would politely ask for reinburstment.
  7. ^I agree. Because you left your stuff in their care, I think they should be held responsible. How odd that all your other stuff was still there. I guess the sunglasses were easier to steal. IMO, I personally think one of the staff took it.
  8. ^^ Yes, they may have said to leave her things in the waiting room, but it was her decision to bring a costly item with her, into the office.

    I think if the doctor is a really nice guy, he may reimburse her, but I don't think he is liable for what she brings with her.
  9. ^^Agreed
  10. As I was reading your post what caught me was the office person who mentioned your Chanel sunglasses by brand name. I, too, believe there is an employee at that office who now possesses a pair of Chanel sunglasses -- yours, in fact. And I wonder if you should drop the "suggestion" you are going to file a police report and a report with the Better Business Bureau should they not agree to replace them. If they refuse, I'm afraid I'd have to "warn" patients entering the drs. office about the importance of protecting their possessions. I sure wouldn't let such a matter go unpunished.
  11. If you were the only patient and you left the items where you were told to by the doctor's office I would ask them to replace them. They are too expense to just let go.
  12. Yes, I know it was stupid of me to bring my Chanel sunglasses in to the office. But they were my only pair of sunglasses. LOL.
  13. Is there any way to file an insurance claim?
  14. I don't feel it was stupid of you to bring your sunglasses with you. You were told you'd be sensitive to light afterwards, so you brought sunglasses with you. I don't own any cheap pairs of sunglasses, so I would have been in your exact position. And to be honest, it does not matter if they were Chanel or a pair of $25 sunglasses. You brought them with you and they were stolen.

    I would ask for a reinburstment, and if they give you any flack I would then let them know that you have no other choice but to file a police report, and let them know you will seek damages elsewhere (like small claims court). You can say all of this very nicely to them. I know this type of situation can be akward, but if this office is professional and values you as a customer, they will want to make good on the stolen sunglasses. And for all you know, there have been robberies there before. That doctor needs to be more selective with who he or she hires.

    Don't let it go, it's not fair to you. You did nothing wrong. They need to be responsible. And I agree with a previous poster, funny how your sunglasses were taken and not your wallet or anything else. Shame on that office!
  15. Did you mention the word Chanel to the receptionist before she said she remembers your Chanel sunglasses? If you didn't, then I would cast her as the suspect, especially since her desk probably oversees the waiting area.

    If it were me, I'd go back and have a face to face conversation with her and observe her body language. Mention since they haven't been found you are thinking about filing a police report. Although you can't prove she took them, you may be able to scare her into "finding" them for you. I once had a watch that was stolen out of my desk reappear at a previous job when I confronted the suspected person who saw me put it in my desk drawer prior to working out on my lunch hour. It was an innocent confrontation: "You saw me put the watch there, right? And now I can't find it! I've torn my entire desk drawer apart and nothing. I've filed a report with Security in case it was stolen".