My poor bag... help!


Dec 19, 2019
Hello fellow coach fans!

I hoping you can help me with two questions. 1) can anyone tell me what bag this is? I bought it off the coach website in spring 2010.
2) I was young and stupid and didn’t take care of it. Is there anything I can do to protect the corners? They seem to have warn. When I pulled it from it’s dust bag this week after not using it for a few years, the corners were slightly white- but most of it wiped off with a lightly damp cloth.

95F8CE69-468C-433C-B857-07E0A4412E4E.jpeg BE057555-4719-4D4D-A667-706DE53D2660.jpeg 513E8C8C-C775-4C91-B2F4-F806C5509794.jpeg 9B201343-48AC-47DE-8466-C6DA64B3A307.jpeg DF2A9733-F07F-4509-A6A7-22ABC3D35A48.jpeg

Thank you in advance!