My poor baby is so jealous of the new puppy!! HELP!!

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  1. So my 3 year old Cocker Spaniel, Daisy has been loving all the attention she gets from my family and myself including my boyfriend, people on the streets, etc. She does not play with other dogs very well like when we take her to the dog run.. she mainly stays with her tennis balls.

    Recently my boyfriend picked up a Toy Schnauzer from a breeder in PA and now shes getting all the attention. Poor Daisy has been kind of depressed nowadays.. and tends to growl or bark at the new puppy (chloe). And Daisy is never the kind of dog to ever bark or growl whatsoever.

    What should I do!? Its been about 4 days... We have been trying really hard to give her a lot of extra attention to make her feel loved and that we haven't forgotten her.. However I can see it in her eyes that she is really sad :sad:

    Has anyone else gone through this situation? If so, how long did it take for them to get a long?? I am so worried that Daisy will start tolearn things from the ppuppy like going in the house.
  2. Wow, I really wish I could help you! We just got a puppy, too. Our older dog couldn't care less though he doesn't like it when the puppy gets too close to him while he's eating. It's our cats I'm worried about---they are NOT happy. My Laszlo looks at me with his big green eyes like "How could you??" and it makes me feel so bad!
  3. Don't worry just yet, it will take several weeks for things to settle down and I'm sure they will. This is really an adjustment period.
    I went through a similar situation and felt just awful, but after a few weeks everything was just fine.
    Here's a helpful article from the ASPCA website:
  4. Take them places together...e.g. walks
    And then give them separate time with you for a short period each day.
    Hopefully it will settle down soon.
  5. I agree with what others have written. It takes time and they eventually find their own way of living with each other. And it's important to give each dog his or her special "mommy" time with you.

    I have three dogs and two cats. Sometimes I'll take just one dog with me to the car wash or to run an errand. Two of my dogs prefer to walk alone with me rather than together as a group so I accomodate them that way too.
  6. thanks guy and thank you for the article I am trying all that was mentioned. I haven't been giving each dogalone time with me so I will have to do that. Thanks! I hope this works out.
  7. Everyone has given great advice, the adjustment period can be a pain but usually they settle in to it after awhile. One other thing I would suggest, when you give out treats give it to Daisy first. She will adjust easier/better if she continues to get positive attention so make sure you're still giving her some one on one time. Best of luck!
  8. My Buster has never been the same dog since we got Leeloo almost 2 years ago. We never changed his routine, instead we incorporated the new baby to it. He likes her and plays with her, but he's turned into a grouchy old man. He was THE sweetest dog, ever. Very playful, loving and laid back. Now he gets cranky. He's still as loving as ever, though. He used to play every morning and every night with each of us, now he plays 3 or 4 times a week. Hubby misses those sessions with his little man.

    She's still very much in puppy mode most of the time and she irritates the shftuff out of him. Two months ago Leeloo was hospitalized overnight and Buster was relieved and happy. He missed her and looked for her, but he was very relaxed. I think he loves the company of his sister but she just irritates him. I often wonder if we ruined his life by getting the baby...He's still very much the prince, now he just has a princess too!!!

    This is a picture of them the day we got her...

    This is the next morning when he realized she was home to stay. Notice how happy he looks...

    We give them both lots of love and quality time alone with mommy/daddy to help them both feel adored. You'll get through this, with both babies!!
  9. awww thats so adorable bravorodrig!

    I am now having the problem of my dog Daisy learning bad habits from the puppy like peeing in the house.... and Daisy is so well trained and NEVER EVER wnet in the house.. what to do....
  10. Oh, yes, I had forgotten about that excellent advice. When we adopted Casey a few years ago we had a pet psychiatrist come to our house a few times to help with his assimilation into our household. We already had two dogs and two cats, all very, very attached to mommy and daddy.

    She suggested we give treats to our older pets first. Even though it has been about six or seven years since he came to live with us, I still find myself doing that. I think in some subtle way all my babies appreciate this routine. At least I hope so.;)
  11. Oh wow big family! :smile: did it help to have a pet psychiatrist? What other things did the psychiatrist tell you guys to do?

    Thanks guys for the great advice!
  12. I think she did help us a lot, especially in her reassurances that everything would work out between all the other pets. We were so nervous b/c Casey (the new dog) was so energetic and active.

    She came to our house a few times and taught us the clicker method of training. (If you're unfamiliar, the clicker is a little hand held thing that makes a sound when you press it.) She thought we should use it for all our dogs so we did, and amazingly they learned pretty fast. She had them all stay in the room and watch as first one dog and then the next had a turn at sitting or whatever she was teaching at the time. Then they got to run around together. So, I guess you'd say she gave them individual attention and then group attention.

    We don't use the clicker anymore, though, b/c now they just behave so nicely (well, usually!).

    She also taught us to stay calm and not panic when he was racing around the house.

    Looking back on what I just typed, I guess I'd have to say her biggest impact was in helping us humans. But it worked and we have such a nice family of furry ones.

    Good luck to you with your new little one. Things always work out...I'm pretty sure of that. There's an adjustment period, but in the end they will love each like crazy!