my pocket paddy at last!

  1. After going back and forth on chloe colors, first noir, then blanc, then noir..i discovered this bag in the NY boutique and it was LOVE. I thought it was whiskey but the sales girl said it's something called Ecruiel or something like that, it's written on the tag, I'll have to check. Anyone heard of this?
    me and chloe.JPG IMG_0946.JPG IMG_0945.JPG me & chloe 2.JPG
  2. I think that's the whiskey color too. It's beautiful! Congrats!!!
  3. Yes, ecruieul (sp-whatever!) is whiskey! Another member said it meant 'squirrel' in french, like their red squirrels! Congrats, it's a beauty!
  4. Oh, that makes sense, but that's ecureuil. I never made the connection. It didn't look very squirrely to me. :smile:
  5. thanks for clearing that up! i thought it was whiskey, but the SA said no, whiskey was more brown. not that the chloe SAs in the NY store are ever much help.
  6. Gorgeous, I was drooling over one of those at Nordies one day! I love it, but I guess I didnt have the right clothes on so it didnt appeal as much still.
  7. What a dumbsh!t. :lol:
  8. Wow, and to think people want to bring their ebay bags to the Chloe boutique to authenticate! Dumbsh!t is right!!

    The bag looks gorgeous on you and the color is perfect for that bag! Congrats!!
  9. It's really nice, congrats!
  10. Oops, and I meant to say CONGRATS on your gorgeous bag! I really love that bag in Whiskey, great choice.
  11. Congrats. Is yours a lg. Or med. Pocket paddy?
  12. it's the medium size, it's just very stuffed with paper. the large was way too much bag for my tastes.
  13. That is a medium...the large has straps/buckles wrapping around to the front and a larger pocket. Love the bag! CONGRATS!
  14. Beautiful bag, congrats. =)
  15. OMG!!!!its so pretty!!!! i you are a LUCKY LUCKY girl!!!! i want one too (^0^)