My phone case /glazing problems ?

  1. I bought the monogram iPhone case about two months ago and it’s is already having glazing problems .. I don’t live close to a LV boutique luckily I will be near one in a couple of weeks . Should I call and complain ? Has anyone else had this problems with the corners splitting ?
  2. Calling and complaining will achieve nothing. Your best bet is to take your item to the store you will be visiting and ask an SA about repair options. Since the object is so new, they will likely replace it on the spot.
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  3. I watched a review by Jerusha Couture on YouTube where she said the glazing on it doesn’t wear well because of the nature of opening it and closing it all the time along that bend. She said in the video the case isn’t meant to be a 24/7/365 case, which was news to me. It seems like an item that isn’t meant to be babied and will end up in bad shape by the time it’s time to upgrade your phone haha. I’ve heard that reglazing is better and stronger and thicker than the original glaze, so if I were you I’d take it to a boutique for repair.
  4. I had an iPhone 7 Plus monogram eclipse folio. It doesn’t age well...unless you get it reglaze like every 2/3 months. You just open and close way too much, put it in your pocket, flip the flap to the other side in order to take a call...etc. I personally avoided to get another folio when I got the iPhone X.
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  5. I am definitely going to take it in maybe LV will give me my money back lol ! If not then I hope they give me a new case . I can see how this might be an on going problem .. first time I have ever bought a designer case hopefully not my last I guess it’s like most phone cases they do get beat up along the way..
  6. Highly doubt they’ll give you your money back. In these situations they give you a credit.
  7. Really wish they would bring out some hard back iphone cases that aren't the trunk ones. Thought about the folio but wondered about the wear and tear on the spine.