My Pewter Weekender has arrived!!!

  1. I ran out to the pharmacy around 11:00 this morning and when I returned, there was the dreaded card from the postal carrier "we tried to deliver a parcel from HK, but you weren't home, we will be back tomorrow". :cry: Oh hell naw...I got in my car and drove around the neighborhood until I found our postal carrier 6 blocks away....and I stood by the truck until he finished dropping off mail on that street. :amuse:
    The whole ride home, my hands were shaking. I ripped open that box, wrote a quick PM to our dear Mimi and then sat in the silence of my room fondling that bag like a crazy woman. :amazed:

    I AM IN LOVE!!! :love: The bag is from Spring 2005 and made of the yummiest lambskin on the planet. It came with a dustbag and authentication card, but no extra tassels. The bag has a minor scratch on the bottom, but that's okay cause it was truly a steal on eBay!:amuse:

    A photographer I am not...but here are a few pictures. :shame:
  2. Isn't this the most fabulous color! I have the 2004 First (which came with extra tassels, but no mirror) and it just goes with EVERYTHING! Congrats on your fabulous bag! Are you going to post a photo carrying the bag?
  3. congrats on the weekender!
    pewter is an awesome color!!
  4. beautiful! enjoy!!!
  5. OMG congrats esiders!!! that is such a beautiful bag!! :love: Pewter is such a great color - one of my favs!!!

    Enjoy it!!
  6. congrats..
  7. Wow, she's a beauty! Congrats! hehe, loved how you chased down the postal guy.:graucho:
  8. pewter is one of my favourite colors. i have the first in pewter from 05. i still love it. enjoy!
  9. lol, you crack me up girl, but i can understand, it's TDF :love:
  10. congrats esiders :love: lovely bag :smile:
  11. who-hoo !very pretty bal bag! is this your first weekender?
  12. You know I :heart: it, it looks really gorgeous in your photos - ENJOY! Can't wait to see more photos of you wearing it :smile:
  13. It's so gorgeous! You're gonna have a lot of fun using that bag! :+)
  14. Congrats! And good job chasing down that package.
  15. esiders, it's just GORGEOUS!!! :love: :love: :heart:

    You are one determined woman!! Love how you tracked down your mail carrier!! :biggrin: