My Petrol Spy...leather lightened...

  1. Hi, I am starting to get a little worried. I have an 05 Petrol Spy. I use it all the time. I know this sounds a bit strange, but I take mine to the beach. As a result the blue leather has faded. I only noticed this discolouration when I compared it to the Petrol Spy on eLux! What can I do? Has anyone had this before? Upon closer inspection, the leather seems a bit dried out too. What can I use for conditioning the leather? I am hoping that if I use some sort of leather treatment / conditioner it will in turn darken the leather again. Any help would be appreciated :crybaby:
  2. A lot of people recommend Apple Care conditioner ... I just rec'd mine today. My cognac spy has a little fading on the bottom so I rubbed some conditioner in. I don't think that it will darken the leather to the original color but it will help in preventing your spy from drying out.
  3. Thanks for that. I live in Australia...Where can I get Apple Care from? Could I find it on eBay?
  4. I also read another thread about keeping Spy's clean...What is AG?
  5. The apple garde conditioner is great for balenciaga. I have never used it on a fendi, but it has a way with brightening and refreshing the leather. The apple garde care lotion is also great with any kind of stain- not that I have EVER done that:P is the place to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks girls, I'm glad I found TPF. I hope I can help you oneday!
  7. I hear it's very common with that type of leather. Don't worry! IMO, SPY bags only look HOTTER with age!:yes:
  8. they DO look hotter with age... brings out the texture... but... eeek i took my petrol to the beach once.. after that i was too scared to repeat! started being paranoid about the sand wearing away at the bag! AHH!!! heeee
  9. You are okay with the Apple Guard leather conditioner. I used it on the Cognac without a problem. Spy bags do fade if you use them alot. I am a perfectionist, so I carry them with extra TLC.
  10. :Push: i was wondering why my black mini spy appeared lighter. and i thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me:lol: . didn't know that the leather will lighten over time.