My PCE Purchases - No teasing!


Sep 22, 2006
I received a phone call from the boutique regarding the PCE, but I never received the email. But I went in anyway, and there were three SA's there and they were ALL focused entirely on me. It was flattering, but kind of odd! But they were VERY nice, very accomodating and very kind, so I will definitely be returning there. I used to travel an hour and half to get to a boutique and they were always so rude there, but they put a new boutique in a mall closer to me. So with the combination of them not only being closer, but nicer, I will definitely be a return customer!

Here are my purchases:
Fayth boots, on sale PLUS 25% off! Sequin pouch and free nailpolish!

A close-up of the sequin pouch with its beautiful red lining and ball-chain strap:

And BONUS! Free nailpolish!

My only disappointment was that they don't have the new boxes and ribbons in yet; they are supposed to get them in later today. They told me I could stop back in anytime and pick up the boxes and ribbons, but the boutique is still 45 minutes away, so I probably won't go back. Ah, well, it was worth it even without the boxes!


May 14, 2008
How awesome that they let you get the nail polish early! Love those boots. How much were they w/ the 25%, if you don't mind me asking. I've been eyeing them for a while now since I'm in the market for a nice pair of black boots.