My PCE haul... so far anyways!

  1. Ok so I went into my store on Monday and placed my order. I knew one of them was going to have to be ordered, but I didn't think that all of them would have to be! I walked out with a reciept and nothing else!

    So here's my haul:
    Small Hamptons Tote
    Legacy Wristlet in Pond
    Star Charm
    Super Secret Gift for my RAOK buddy

    I added the wristlet after I was denied the PCE on the Ergo. I figured that even if I didn't like it, I could bring it back. Well I like it, but I'm not in love with it, so I'm thinking about taking it back. When I ordered it though there were only 25 available to be shipped, so maybe I'll keep it a while to see if it grows on me. I'm also going to take the Tote back, in the end I'm just not a bag-on-the-arm kind of girl. Which is kinda bad since I traded the larger one in for this one... and now I want it back! I'm also hoping that if I go to another store, they will let me get the Ergo on PCE.

    Funny side story: I had the box from Coach sitting on my floor yesterday and my cat wouldn't stop trying to get into it. I think she was hoping that since mommy is so happy when stuff comes out of that box and that she loves it all so much, that mommy would love her even more if she was in the box. Everytime she got in it, she'd meow really loudly, like "Mommy! Come see what Coach sent!" She's a shelter cat, so she's constantly craving confirmation that we love her and have no plans to send her back.
    PCE - Boxes.jpg PCE - Small Tote.jpg PCE - Pond Wristlet.jpg PCE - Star Charm.jpg Kitty Goes to Coach.jpg
  2. Great stuff and love your cat. So cute!
  3. love it all!! i want that hamptons tote soooo much! i have the pond wristlet and i love it! congrats to you!
    (love the kitty too :smile: )
  4. Aww your furbaby is darling! My cats love to climb in the boxes too!! Anything is a playtoy!!

    So where the secret buddy gift, no hints or a teaser?:graucho:

    You got some great finds!! Perfect!!
  5. Thank you all!

    Reddianasaur - I'm so sad, I think she already has what I bought! The PCE is making everyone buy all the stuff they want! The hint: It HAD to be ordered, just like the wristlet, because my store isn't special enough...

    I just looked online and the Pond wristlet is gone. Called CS and that is the end of Pond. So if you love Pond, buy it NOW, do not wait!
  6. You've got some great items there!! I love all of the blues!!

    My kitty (gray one) loves the boxes too!! She was a rescue kitty, so she always panicks when she has to go in the car or when we leave to go on vacations... It's so sad.:cry: She is always afraid that we're going to leave her or drop her off somewhere... Gotta get the message to her, that I :heart: her, and she'll be with us forever!! :biggrin:
  7. Bubbles, we had to move her up from LA and she got to go on her first long car trip. She hated us for 2 whole weeks. She'd see us coming and run the other way. We had to throw out the carrier so that she'd stop being mad at us!

    You know, Coach needs to make cat collars too! Why do dogs get all the good stuff? She'd love a Coach collar! (At least that's what I'll be telling my husband as he's trying to check me into a looney bin!)
  8. WH-AT????? :wtf: I had no idea!!!!!!! That is awesome!! Are they available online??

    OH Sprinkles!!!! I think I may need to come order something soon...... :graucho: OMG, my DH would KILL me if I got my kitty that collar... how cute would that be though???

    We moved in June and then again in November, and our cats were really confused... ;) I think they are happy, now that it seems we will be here for a while. (And we are in a MUCH bigger place, so they have more room to "roam"!)
  9. Whew... whoops. Read that wrong... they "NEED" to... Yes, I agree!! :graucho:

    Didja see how excited I got??
  10. aww.. cute cat.. :heart:
  11. Bubbles! See THATS why Coach should make them! Us cat people would be all over that!
  12. :yes:
  13. If I had a cat she would still wear the Coach is rather heavy, but I like my pets to have style. Krystyann, your Coach PCE Haul looks successful! Congrats on all the good stuff.
  14. The dog collars are too heavy for her, otherwise I would!
  15. would she be comfortable with a ponytail scarf?