My oversized "dood" puppy...@ 5months

  1. My Golden Doodle, Loki is now 5 months old and 50 pounds! He is hilarious and loves to be carried around by my 17 yr old son like he is still (was he ever?) little.
    We adore him!
  2. How cute is that?????? He's beautiful! And he still likes to be carried! How sweet!!
  3. He is adorable!
  4. I assume he's a Golden / Poodle mix? He is gorgeous!
  5. So cute!
  6. how sweet! golden doodles have the sweetest faces!
  7. Yes, his father is a cream standard poodle and mother a golden retriever. So far he doesnt shed and his hair if silky but wavey./curly. He loves to be wet and cant stay out of the sprinkler. He is very entertaining!
  8. aww sweetie!
  9. too cute. look at his adorable face!
  10. He's adorable!!
  11. He looks so handsome! He looks so soft & hugable!
  12. Yes, that's a good way to put it! Like a big stuffed animal! Too cute to be real!:heart:
  13. Such a cutie!
  14. Wow he is such a gorgeous dog and looks so lovable:smile:
  15. what a cutie.