MY OUTLET FINDS!!! and a whole lot of first for me!

  1. I have an issue... a big issue and I need to stop myself. (my collection will be following this post soon) I went to the outlet today, hoping to find a purse for myself. I did, and debated whether to keep it. But everytime I looked at it, and looked inside I doubted returning it. So I bought and kept my first legacy piece.. ahhh.. She was about $165. I also bought a framed gold lurex wristlet (about $47) for my friend, a gold lurex wristlet ($35), a black ergo hobo for another friend ($150), an agenda ($55) and two keyfobs($16 each)

    I am soooooo finished for awhile.

    IMG_0714.jpg IMG_0715.jpg

    IMG_0717.jpg IMG_0718.jpg
  2. great finds.. I totally hear you on the buying.. I am SO done.. for a long time!!!! :yes:
  3. great finds!!!! congrats
  4. You picked up some really nice things! I think you're going to love your Legacy bag - it's a great bag and a great size! :yes:
  5. Ohhhh our store didn't have the white shoulder zips, cuuute in white
  6. Sounds like you got some great peices and some great prices! Can I be one of your friends next time?
  7. Very nice. I love the Monkey.
  8. Great finds, and I love the White legacy bag.
  9. My husband brought me a purse and a wallet for my birthday back in October. Then for Christmas he brought me a watch, perfume and some work shoes. I keep saying i'm done for a while! but its so hard to stay away from coach. Now, Valentine coming up! and now i want the new Coach Heritage Stripe bag. but, i understand what you saying also. You found some good things!!
  10. Just remember, you got everything at a great price at the outlet, so you don't have to feel bad about spending! :smile: Great finds!!
  11. I really love the monkey keychain, the legacy and the hobo.. Congrats on great deal:tup:
  12. i saw that wristlet!! i knew i should have gotten one.. glad you did!
  13. don't feel guilty - just use her right away!! i'm sure you'll get compliments & then you'll be glad you kept it
  14. Wow...everyone is getting some treasures from the outlet. I am going to have to make a trip. Congratulations!!
  15. Congrats!I love everything!^-^