My oh so small collection

  1. I finally got pics of my stuff!

    First is the Bordeaux wristlet my mom bought me for my college graduation at the Coach outlet. And then the bordeaux mini I got to match it!

    Next is the wristlet I got off eBay. After research on the authenticity thread, I am sure it is real now! Sadly, I didn't know how good the knock offs were when I bought it, so I got lucky!

    I just bought a picture frame keyfob off eBay. I will get pics of it when it gets here!
    bordeaux.jpg optic.jpg
  2. Wow what beautiful colors, I love them!!! Thanks so much for sharing! :tup:
  3. love the blue wristlet..
  4. Thanks for sharing! Cute wristlets and mini!
  5. Love the colors! Very cute!
  6. Thanks yall!! Well I sure didn't get many replies when ya consider how many people asked to see pics!!

    Anyhow I also got a photo keyfob!
  7. Oh So Sweet!!! I love wristlets!!:heart:
  8. I have that same wristlit in the burgandy signature , I have it in my Plum Patent Lunch tote , I love the design at the corners
  9. cute stuff! i love the burgundy signature color, it's so pretty! i have a mini skinny with the exact same burgundy signature color too!
  10. No such thing as a small collection when it comes to Coach, really pretty colors. I am sure your collection will multiply fast enough, enjoy your pieces, they are really very nice.
  11. I love that scarf wristlet you got off of eBay. It is gorgeous.
  12. I love the bordeaux wristet!! I saw this yesterday at the outlet. I was sooooo tempted, but I hardly ever use them, but seeing it again makes me want to go back
  13. It happens that way sometimes. Depending on how many threads are posted, yours might get pushed down. I try to go back 3-4 pages but don't always get to. Nice pieces!
  14. thanks for sharing. cute mini
  15. Congrats, the blue wristlet is too cute!