My next SO will be amazing...

Your next SO must be

  • Raisin Birkin 35cm in Goat with P HW

  • Birkin 30cm in Ostrich with P HW in Bleu Roi

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May 29, 2006
Hi Ladies,

As you know I had some dilemna to choose my next bag afer the Black Box Birkin...
I had made a short list and ask for your help...

My options were :
- Raisin Massaï PM in Clemence with Brush HW
- Raisin Birkin 35cm in Clemence with P HW

- Raisin Birkin 35cm in Goat with P HW
- Raisin Birkin 35cm in Togo with P HW
- Mysterious color Birkin 30cm in Ostrich with P HW

I saw my SA:love: yesterday, and well the short list is getting shorter...
- Raisin Birkin 35cm in Goat with P HW
- Birkin 30cm in Ostrich with P HW in Bleu Roi (my fav so far)

In fact Raisin Goat wasn't available in the Leather book...but he suggest himself this leather...I don't even had to ask:wtf:...
I was kind of :nuts:, since some pfers here thought Raisin in Goat wasn't available.
He told me they can't offer this skin in Raisin to everyone...but it will be OK for me...

I think my next step is to go there with my Mum to help me to choose, maybe Transcendent1 will accept to help me too in January ;)
...and if you want to participate to my final choice, here is a poll:graucho:...

I don't know yet what my SO will be, but I'm pretty sure it will be AMAZING:love:...


May 29, 2006
^^^^I think yes : he told me I could have what I want (even the raisin in Chèvre ;) )

In fact for Ostrich I thought to 30 cm...more elegant IMO, and also it will be more different from my 35cm...

But I can consider 35cm : my SA proposed it, but warned me that maybe I would have to wait longer for a 35cm since perfect skin in this size are more rare...

And for the HW, I really prefer P HW with blue...


Jul 28, 2007
O la la! What a choice! You definitely can't go wrong here. But Bleu Roi Ostrich *my hands are trembling while I'm typing these two words* :drool:. OK< I'm off to the cold shower :okay:


Jan 5, 2007






Mar 25, 2006
After clearing a lump in my throat, I can talk Hermes once more. :sweatdrop:

I voted for 30cm Bleu Roi Ostrich Birkin with PHW. Blue ostrich birkins are just so hard to come by. And judging by the blues in the SS2008 runway show, there is no better time than now to order your blue ostrich. Seize the opportunity before Paris so decides to focus on another colour for 2009!

I am personally happy to hear that Paris is offering Raisin in chevre to you. That gives me hope. I have an outstanding request for raisin CDC. If the Hermes Gods hear what I am saying here, please give me my raisin CDC in 2008! :P