My next Coach purchase-advice please!

  1. So I think I'm going to buy a large Soho flap bag soon. Well, as soon as I can find one in my price range on eBay anyway. Oh well, what can you do when you are on a limited budget? lol. Anyway, I :heart: this bag in all the pictures I've seen and the ones I've seen irl at the boutique. I showed dh a picture and even he likes it. So, its pretty much a go BUT....I have a few questions for you experts. Does anyone own this bag and if so, is there anything that you don't like about it? Is it roomy?

    Also, I've seen a couple different bags that are relatively similar in design but just from different seasons I guess? I've been seeing a lot of style #10192 on eBay but then there is also #9248 and I think I recall the most current style being a different number also. Anyone know any major differences in these bags? Is there one style I should look for over another?

    And finally...what color? I'm leaning toward black or brown since I plan to carry this bag as my "basic" bag for now. I think maybe black since I tend to wear black shoes more but dh likes the brown better. And if brown...what kind of brown? Mahogany? Saddle?

    All opinions and advice greatly appreciated!!
  2. I have this bag in black. It holds quite a bit but I guess it just depends on what all you carry. Its not real wide though. I dont think you could get one of the cosmetic cases in there and have room for anything else. What do you normally carry?? Its a great bag! Very stylish. Looks great with jeans or a dress.
  3. I have this one [​IMG]

    its fairly roomy...but I don't use it as an "everyday" bag... I have to use a slim wallet because it isnt very wide...but other than that its a great bag...and very comfortable when worn over the shoulder since the strap is adjustable
  4. 10192 is a factory bag, I got one at the outlets a couple of months ago. :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone! Right now I have in my bag: small "magic wallet" from JCrew (just holds credit cards really). Another thin wallet with some random gift cards in it. Small photo album of baby pics, small devotional book, a pen, a pencil, envelope of coupons, cell phone, dh's checkbook, my checkbook, maybe a lipstick, and I think that's about it. Right now I'm using the Rambler's Legacy which is ok with all that stuff but it is a tight fit and I'd like something just a little bigger.

    I also need to get a wallet which I'll probably do when I go to the outlets. Thanks again for the advice! :smile:
  6. check out TJ Maxx. i got a soho double pocket flap for a lil over 150 and it reatailed for around 298-ish. its very roomy and can hold a lot. usually i just use my small flap because it really holds everything i need it to.
  7. I carry the large soho flap as my main purse - but that may change when I get the large carly next month! It is roomy enough to carry all the essentials. You'll love it. I have the mohogony one in kahki signature that is currently available on the coach website.
  8. Cindy,
    When did you get the Soho Flap at TJ Maxx...recently? Do you have any pics of your bag?? I'd love to see what I'm looking for - I looked at TJMAxx 2 weeks ago and only saw the little flower demis.
  9. I've been haunting TJMaxx and Marshalls too but all I've seen lately are the bumblebee bags, poppy bags, and a large pleated leather white bag. But I'll keep trying!
  10. I like the black!
  11. How funny, we have such similar taste. The two bags I'm dying over are the Soho flap and the Carly. It'll be ages before I own a Carly but I can still dream and :drool: right?

    I think I'm going to go with black since I tend to wear black more often. BUT dh likes Saddle so I'll keep that one on my wishlist and maybe I'll score a good deal on eBay or at the outlets one day. Yeah-when you can't chose a color the obvious choice is just to get both right? :p
  12. I have style #9248 in brown. Last time I was at the outlet (Aug I think?) they had them in dark brown ..probably the mahogany color (versus the lighter brown I have). I think from your description you might be able to fit everything in it. I know it is jam packed when I carry all of my everyday stuff.

    As far as the difference goes, from my style (which I bought in an outlet in 2005) to the newer one, I think the handle is the only difference. oh and color choices too. One other thing that might be different is that in my bag, I have a pocket behind the zipper pocket inside. On the listing for the newer one, I don't see that pocket mentioned.

    I see that you are in S. Jersey. If you ever go to the Lancaster, PA outlet, that is where I saw them in Aug. I think they were roughly $165, probably even less now.
  13. Ty Julie :smile: Dh has promised to take me to the outlet if I lose 30 pounds and I know I won't get there any other way right now, lol. So I'm working on that. Hopefully, there will be some when I get there in a couple months.