my newest addition

  1. so a while ago, I made a thread about how I needed a new roomy bag. I finally decided on getting a gucci horesbit hobo, but before I got around to buying it, my dear mother granted me with a pretty box with an even prettier bag inside. Tell me what you think!

    P.S. sorry about the fuzziness
  2. It's gorgeous!!! Congrats! You have a wonderful mom!
  3. I wish my mom would buy me gifts like that! Adorable.
  4. Its a very nice gift!
  5. It's really beautiful - congrats! My mum is generous, but not that generous!
  6. It is a great bag! What a nice present!
  7. Absolutely stunning! Congrats!
  8. Oh, wow! Gorgeous bag. You are one lucky girl with a mom that obviously adores you. Enjoy!
  9. Nice bag, and its looks pretty roomy. Enjoy!
  10. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!
  11. Very nice ... your mom sounds pretty cool! Congrats and enjoy, it looks gorgeous on you!
  12. Nice bag, congrats!
  13. congrats! :yahoo:
    it's very classy and u're such a pretty gal :yes:
  14. love it! you wear it nicely.
  15. you look great with it. ;)