My newest addition

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  1. Hey everyone!! So I decided that it was time to purchase my first Louis of 2009...but after looking around online I decided that I really wasn't interested in a new bag..I use my Tivoli GM everyday and love it!!! So I decided it was time for a new wallet! I have the monogram Compact Zippe and basically hated it..couldn't get anything out of it and had it jammed packed full of I needed something I got the Monogram Insolite wallet in violet! It's so gorgeous the coloured linining is amazing and there is so much space and loads of compartments..I am incredibly happy with it!! Thanks for looking everyone!!

  2. Congrats, the lining is gorgeous! Great buy.
  3. It's very pretty! I love the purple!

  4. Congrats it is beautiful!
  5. Excellent choice! I have one in purple as well. But I also bought a wriststrap from LV and made it into a clutch.
  6. very nice, love that wallet!
  7. I love your purple Insolite -- Congrats!
  8. Nice, I love insolite wallets. Congrats on getting a very stylish and practical piece. x
  9. Very Pretty! Congrats!
  10. Great purchase! :smile: Congrats
  11. Very nice! Congrats
  12. ooh, that's gorgeous, congrats!
  13. Pretty!
  14. beautiful pop of colour!
  15. What a great wallet...:tup:

    It's perfect!!