My New Yellow Elisha

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  1. Here are two photos of my new yellow Elisha. She looks like summer and smells so good!


  2. Oh it's gorgeous! Like a big Buttercup! I saw that bag in person a couple of weeks ago and it was so lovely to see on a dreary, March day.

  3. Pure sunshine, how can you not be in a good mood when carrying that beautiful Elisha! I love it!! Congratulations and enjoy!:tup:
  4. OK, now I am officially jealous!! I need another yellow bag!!:hysteric:She's a beauty!!
  5. That's gorgeous and so cheery! The Elisha's wonderful, congrats!
  6. So sunny and cheerful!
    Enjoy eachother!!
  7. That is a great bag! I really like the shade of yellow!
  8. So summery! Congrats!!!
  9. Like butter only better! Lovely Rondafaye!
  10. Thanks, everyone! It's gloomy in San Antonio today, but I'll carry her on the next sunny day and feel chipper.
  11. How beautiful!!!!!! You must be into vibrant colors, lately!! I love yellow!
  12. haa thats the greatest yellow bag i've ever seen! i have a blond bonnie, and that right there is definitely her SASSY relative! i LOVE it! so exciting to see elisha in this color!

    thanks for sharing and congrats!
  13. Thanks, everyone. I am now fixating on the blue Nelli.
  14. That is such a happy color.
  15. Thanks for posting those fabulous pictures, is the true colour more like the second?