My New Vert Gazon City

  1. and rouge vif coin purse
    I am and love! this is my first balenciaga and i have to agree with all of you balenciaga rocks
  2. First big Congrats on your bags :yahoo: then OMG what have you done to that cute poppy? He looks so cute. :p I love him/her.:lol:
  3. thanks! haha the puppy isn't mine but the pic made me laugh so i made it my avatar
  4. Straight-up stunning! Congratulations. That is a great Spring color, and the color is so nice. The texture looks so even and lovely, too! Wowie!!!!
  5. OT - Is that your doggie? How cute, he/she is wearing a little wig! :biggrin:
  6. nope he's no my doggie just a pic off the net. he's so cute i coulcn't resist.

    The leather on both bag and coin purse are stunning
  7. The bag is great! Congrats! The wig on the dog reminds me of Donald Trump. :lol:
  8. Congrats the colour is gorgeous love it!
  9. Gorgeous bad and coin purse. Congratulations!!! :yahoo: But that dog needs a new rug, it screams fake! :roflmfao:
  10. OMG, the Vert City is AMAZING! The more I see of that color, the more I want it---I need to take a break from BBag buying (2 in the past 6 days--eek!!!), but I think my next BBag will be a GH City in either Vert Gazon or Bleu de France.


    Congrats on your new acquisitions!
  11. The color is so vibrant! Congrats!
  12. :love: Gorgeous!!!!:love: Wow!~ That Leather Is TDF!!!!!!!!!:love:
  13. ^^^ LOL I have seen that picture before..
  14. That leather on your bag looks wonderful!!! Congrats! Love the coin purse also!
  15. Wow, your bag is beautiful! Love the color!