my new vera bradley messenger!

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  1. my super cute and fun messenger in capri melon- LOVE the colors. as you can see, i love pink (and i had a crazy hard time finding a pink bag!) and i wanted something bright and fun and kinda worry free for classes. so, yay.

    also pictured is a pencil case and a id wristlet, both in capri blue.

  2. Why would you start a thread like that?? So aggressive!!
    Love the bag...I bought my niece a darling VB bag for the new school year and she LOVES it. Enjoy...(and RELAX!!! lol)
  3. what? that's not agressive...(trust me, if i wanted to be, i would be!)

    i'll edit =)
  4. Im fully aware of what you are capable of!! ;)lol Enjoy your bag...its super cute!!!:yes::yes:
  5. haha. i know. but trust me, it can be worse. :p

    aggressiveness is SO not me. i'm a lover. i'm a teddy bear, really.

  6. It's cute!

    I use a Villager in the Citrus color for my school bag.
  7. So cute! VB has some great bags for school and travel.
  8. I love it! It's adorable! I've never had a problem w/ VB....lots of ppl do on this forum....but I don't see why, they fun, durable, and are great for travel and books! Congrats! Love the bag!
  9. ugh. i'll never understand why people dislike it THAT much. (that was the part i edited. the "if you don't like it, i don't wanna hear it" kinda deal).

    plus, it's pink. hehehe.
  10. congrats, Katherine! I'm stealing your pretty pink bedspread. It's the perfect backdrop for pictures LOL =D
  11. aw, thanks!

    no stealing my bedspread! its my non i know when stupid people steal my pics. argh.
  12. I love that design, Katherine. It's one of VB's better ones IMO. They are strong, lightweight, and don't cost all that much. What's not to like?:shrugs:
  13. Very pretty bag and one of the nicest patterns that VB has. Was looking at them earlier...

    Just today I bought a "brush and pencil" case in the Capri Melon! It was in the 40% off pile and I think it was a mistake because there were three more in the regular priced stuff... but they also had adorable matching PJ pants and some other accessoires and even a couple of racquet holders in the capri melon at 40% off so maybe the ones in the regular priced stuff were overlooked...

    Also bought the same case in Pink Elephants.

    Not a big fan of VB but I fell in love with those pink elephants today in a local store and I just HAD to have an accessory in that print! Then discovered the 40% off pile... :yes:
  14. Katherine, i LOVE the messenger! That pattern is so pretty! I think the blue ones are cute too, but that pink... TDF! This is my first exposure to Vera and I really think I might have to peek around at some more! lol