My new Trish!

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  1. This is the first time I've spent so much $$$ on a bag! I had such a boring job this summer and decided to reward myself by blowing 1/3 of my earnings in one shot. I love this bag and hope you guys do too! I'm dying for your approval so be nice please :rolleyes:
    Copy of DSC00011.JPG Copy of DSC00023.JPG Copy of DSC00024.JPG
  2. You look great with Trish - very pretty as both a handheld or shoulder bag.

    I had doubts about Trish when I saw the stock pictures at various online stores, but I love it when I saw it IRL. It's gorgeous, it's not overly big like other bags. Congrats!!!! =)
  3. OMG, it's GORGEOUS!!

    I think I may have my eyes on my first possible MJ collection bag =)
  4. So beautiful. That is a great bag. You look great with it. Enjoy!
  5. Love it. Very cute on you.
  6. Looks lovely on you. Congrats!
  7. I love it, It looks great on you, nerdphanie!
  8. I LOVE IT! you look adorable wearing it!!
    you dont need our approval lol as long as you love it. i love the duffel look. congrats!
  9. Nice color and it looks great worn in different ways. Love the style of the bag and perfect size! Enjoy the bag, you deserved it w/your hard work. :yes:
  10. It is really beautiful. Well worth all your hard work.
  11. :wtf: :wtf:
    That bag looks great on you! It's beautiful. Enjoy!
  12. I love it! I was debating between this bag and the Miu Miu Coffer, but I thought I had decided on the latter. Now you're making me want it again, LOL!

    By the way, how tall are you? The bag does not look too big at all, just perfect!
  13. That bag looks amazing on you!! :love: Congrats!!!
  14. slickskin: I was between this and the miu miu coffer too! Bergdorf only had the coffer in black leather though and I was set on brown the Trish was right there calling to me! The coffer is beautiful in all shades nonetheless. Which do you have?
    I am 5'5, a nice, middling height. The size of the Trish is perfect for me.
  15. Oh yeah, THANKS FOR ALL THE COMPLIMENTS! I'm like a proud mother showcasing a prize baby. I :heart: you all.
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