My new Tote

  1. This my newest MJ. Does anyone else have this? What do you ladies think a keeper or not?
    marc tote.jpg marc tote2.jpg
  2. I like it! so cute!What color is it?
  3. The color is Putty. Took photo with my cell so it looks a bit off with the lighting.
  4. Gorgeous!!! I love large squishy bags..
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Great bag! Looks like an updated Stella. Enjoy it!
  7. Keep it pquiles! I've seen it IRL and thought it was very nice. It's a great size too.
  8. I definitely think it's a keeper, love the straps and the compartments!
  9. I like it. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the squishy sound it makes. Not used to that with MJ bags. Since I bought it from Saks I believe it's authentic. Maybe the sound will wear off once I take her around a few times.
  10. definitely keep it. i love white/off-white bags!
  11. i love it. where did you get her?
  12. That is a pretty color and a great tote! Congrats!
  13. Clu0984,
    Got her at Saks
  14. hey


    i've been eyeing the bag... was she on sale? would you let me know which store and the price if it was on sale? I've been lusting for that bag for a long long time .....

  15. Congrats! Love the putty color! Definitely a keeper!