My new-to-me Delightful PM

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  1. I just got my pre-loved Delightful PM yesterday. It's from late 2014 and was used a couple of times and stored away! It's in perfect condition. I love this bag! I did the patina champ method on it and then buffed it a little and sprayed it with Collonil waterstop spray. The vachetta didn't darken at all (I've used Collonil on bags before, so I wasn't too nervous about it).

    I had ordered a new model Delightful PM a couple of weeks ago from the LV website and it came to me with deep scratches on the hardware so I sent it back immediately. I ended up finding this pre-loved bag the day before I left for vacation and took a chance on it. So glad I did because IMO it's much better quality than the new one was. The canvas is nicer and more substantial, but still lightweight. It doesn't have the charm thing, which I would have removed anyway on the new model if I'd kept it (I'm just not a fan of having anything hanging on my bags). I love all of the features on the older model - the size and shape are a little less boxy, the lining has the stripes and the quatrefoil flowers, the rings are engraved with LV and not fixed on the straps with stoppers, there is an extra vachetta tab at the top of the bag on the trim, the piping is rounded at the base of the bag instead of pointed in a v shape, the interior pocket seems a little larger and the zipper pull on the pocket is larger, and the handle has the big "LOUIS VUITTON" on it. It's just gorgeous!

    Just wanted to mention the differences I noticed for anyone debating whether to buy a new one or try to find a pre-loved one. I feel so lucky to have found this one!

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  2. Very nice. I love my delightful pm. I gave the old model as well. The only thing I like about the new model is the pretty pink interior. Not a fan on the shape they made the NM.
  3. I agree - the pink is gorgeous. But I figured this interior will not clash with anything I'm wearing!
  4. Love it! I just got an old model MM from a Japanese seller on eBay. It definitely has more wear than yours (from 2010) but a great price and lovely bag. I can't get over how comfortable it is compared to my last bag (a Burberry with rolled handles). Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
  5. Congrats on yours too!
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  6. Congrats! You will enjoy carrying this bag. I have the new model in pm with the pink lining. Missed out on the old models when they were still in store. I've heard about the size and shape of the old models being a bit different from the new ones. Unfortunately I've not seen anyone in my area carrying the old models so I can't compare.
  7. Very pretty, congrats! I sold my mono mm but I think the delightful is such a pretty bag!
  8. Congrats! It looks practically brand new. Enjoy!
  9. Congratulations on your beautiful new treasure! I have the OM in MM and it's always a tie when I try to decide if I like it or my NM MM in DE better; each has its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of practicality and aesthetics.
  10. Thanks everyone! Just got a second coat of protectant on her so I'm ready to take her out now! This is a big bag compared to what I normally carry, but I know I'll love it - especially for travel!
  11. Oh, I think it is an old model? Congrats. I love the old model so much more as the new model. The new is so sluchy I don't like this, the old have better canvas for my opinion. Enjoy:heart:
  12. Yes it is the older model - from 2014. Thank you - I love it much more than the new model too!
  13. So pretty!
  14. Congrats, my DL PM is also the OM and I lvoe her. Enjoy yours!
  15. Hi. I am so happy I found your post! I found an almost new olde version Delightful PM and debated whether to purchase or not. Im a "big bag" gal having owned many large bags but was trying to move away to a little smaller bag ( but I know that's just not possible)! Is the older one still relatively light? My right shoulder gives me issues sometimes. Also I am so curious to know how you treat your vachetta as that's always a deterrent when choosing mono. I was concerned about the large wide strap turning g quickly! Can you help? Thanks!!