my new STEEL SGH city.... oooOHh

  1. :nuts:... UPS just dropped off my package.... and I was holding my breath in anticipation on getting the white cover off the box...AND ITS GORGEOUS.... I was expecting it to be darker, from what everyone else posted up about steel. But its a dark dark grey... with navy blue undertones. I LOOOOVEEEE ITTTT!!! I will post up pics.. as soon as I get home. The SGH... compliments the steel very well. The "sheen" the steel gives off goes well w/ the silver. I LOOVE ITTTT...:tender: I'm in awe... i have to wipe off thedrool off my desk now.. hahah and get back to work. I will post up pics later this evening. :tup:
  2. Ack!! Pics!! This was the other bag I've been waitting to see.... :woohoo:

    Sounds gorgeous!
  3. Congrats :yahoo:can't wait to see your pics. :sweatdrop:It must be gorgeous.:nuts:
  4. can't wait to see pics and how steel looks like
  5. Hurry up!!! I can't wait to see!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. HURRY UP!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to seeeeee!!!!!
  7. Post pics, post pics!!!!:yahoo:
  8. :nuts:.....waiting....waiting....
  9. sounds lovely! will def check back for pics! ConGraTs
  10. I want to see it!!

  11. Suspense... congrats! Glad to here you're excited!
  12. I am dying to see this bag; post pics modeling also!
  13. pics pics! where are the pics? can't wait!!
  14. Ok, here goes nothing... I'm kinda new when it comes to posting pictures... :blink: I don't know how to make the pictures bigger... But the first one is with flash, the last 2 are natural sunlight.
    22.jpg 33.jpg 44.jpg
  15. :wtf::nuts::wtf::nuts: LOVE!!!!!!:tup: