My new stackable Butterfly ring!

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  1. I ordered this ring from a new designer and wanted to share it with all of you!
    It is a casual ring in 14K white gold band with a butterfly in 14K yellow
    brushed gold. The band in white gold is a "twig" design.

    You can see more of this jewelry on
    I love this designers necklaces and bracelets.....

    Mine is called Choucho Stackable Ring with loose Butterfly. "Choucho"means butterfly in Japanese. Butterflies are loved universally and the designer told me it can be worn as a lucky charm. It is so delicate and beautiful. You can also order the butterfly to be permanent and not loose.

    Enjoy! And check out the beautiful designs on the website!

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  2. it's beautiful! congrats!
  3. Cute!
  4. Thanks! They are really reasonably priced also!
  5. Very cute and girly!:heart:
  6. cute!
  7. I love your ring and some of the others on the web site. I wish there were prices listed.
  8. You can email and she will send the price/prices to you....
  9. Oh i LOVE that!

    Would you mind disclosing how much you paid for it? Does it come with just 1 or several rings? It is soo cute!
  10. My ring was $285 and that included shipping. If you do not want the butterfly dangling
    you can get it permanently attached to the band. The twig band is very delicate and
    rich looking. It is a very beautiful ring with the white gold and yellow gold. You
    can also get it in sterling for less $.
  11. stunning:cloud9:
  12. It's adorable and looks fun to wear.
  13. those are adorable! thanks for posting!! i just emailed to get more info
  14. anmldr1~
    she does beautiful work. she has a few other rings that I would love to own. I love
    the whimsical necklaces also. I think they would be great for teens or young girls.
    My butterfly ring is fun to wear and it is stackable. the quality is amazing and the attention to detail. be patient sometimes it takes a day for her to get back with you.
    she is super nice. I changed my ring from silver to 14k white gold with 14K gold butterfly. she is very easy to work with.....
  15. So cute. The whole collection is lovely.