My new SGH bag

  1. Hey guys! I was walking along the Croisette today and I came across a store that displayed the names of the brands they stocked. I entered the store because they stocked some of my favorite brands like Giambattista Valli and Azzedine Alia. Anyway, as I entered the store, the Sale items were next to the door and they had a lot of items on sale that were pretty reasonable. They had the Stella McCartney Raffia sandals from Spring that were being sold for only 100 Euros. Also, they had a lot of Chloe Paddingtons and Ediths on sale. The Ediths were being sold for only 250 Euros. As I was walking through the store, Balenciaga bags were on a large shelf. What caught my eye was a beautiful deep purple GH Work that I had to have. Unfortunately, it was reserved. The owner/SA told me that she received two new GH bags. She came out with a SGH bag that she called Marron Fonce, which is Dark Brown in French. She told me that a customer ordered the bag and that she ordered an extra one for the store. I really liked the color so I went for it. I was just in London last week; and in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, they only had the SGH in black and red. To me, the black SGH looks a whole lot like a black RH from a distance. Speaking about the GH, I really wanted the purple GH Work. It was the most beautiful GH Balenciaga I've ever seen. Does anyone on here have it? Is it a Fall color or was it from the Spring collection? I ordered the purple GH Work and she told me that it should arrive before I leave on the 26th. The downside of the store and what ticked me off is that she didn't give me a proper reciept. It was just a normal reciept that said the price of the bag. I'll drop by in a few days to collect the purple bag and to get the VAT papers. You'd think that they had a proper cash machine with the tens of thousands they make each day. Even a small store that stocks Lancaster tanning creams gives a better reciept. I know I've blabbed a lot. Sorry! Here's the bag:



    A closer look at the color.
  2. It's a Vert Fonce which is the Olive Green from this fall season and it's AMAZING!!! This combo (olive w/ SGH) is stunning and totally ROCKS!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Amazing. The leather looks TDF!
  4. WOW!!! congrats!
  5. the bag is gorgeous!! congrats!!
  6. It's beautiful! Thats a gorgeous combo... :tup:
  7. wow! gorgeous!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Love the combination! Gorgeous! Hope you get the purple one in time!

  9. Gorgeous combo!
  10. It is gorgeous, congrats!!!!
  11. OMG look how broken in it is already!!! I love how slouchy it looks. It reminds me of an older bbag but with GH on it.
  12. amazing bag, great story too.
  13. for a split second- I thought this was a twiggy with GH!

    BEEAUTIFUL! Congrats!!!!!!
  14. ITA. The bag and the color/hardware combo is beautiful! Congrats on a great find!
  15. wow! that's a hot bag. congrats!