My new ring!

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  1. OK, I'm ashamed to admit I've owned my camera for almost two years and just found out there was actually a macro function on it.

    This isn't the best photo, it really doesn't do it jutice - I am totally in :heart: with my ring, can't stop admiring it!

    Now that I have the setting I love, the next upgrade will be the center stone :yes:

  2. Wow!!! What a looker!!!!! Very, Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love it! I would be able to stop admiring either! I'm looking for a similar looking ring but with a blue topaz in the middle.
  4. oh wow, that baby has more potential. just mess around with taking shots of that and i'm sure after a few more tries you can get a really really even closer up shot.

    What a drool worthy ring. beautiful...just beautiful.
  5. Its lovely!!!!
  6. Wow, what a beautiful ring!
  7. That ring is stunning!Wow!
  8. very nice!
  9. stunning :biggrin:
  10. very pretty.
  11. gorgeous ring!!!
  12. Gorgeous!!!! Like you, tho, my macro and I don't always see eye to eye. So, I've taken to using a small magnifying glass and holding it up to the camera, in effect, I create my own macro.....that is, until I can figure out my camera.....
  13. Gorgeous! Congratulations.
  14. beautiful!
  15. Stunning ring!!!!