my new Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning After *IRL pics*

  1. Thought you guys would be interested to see these pictures.

    I got this bag in the mail yesterday!


    Compared to a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, it's approximately the same size. The Rebecca Minkoff is a bit wider.

    The chocolate color (in the middle) compared to my caffe Miu Miu and whiskey Paddington.

    The cool lining...

    The bag is definitely big enough to hold a magazine... or two.

    The mini size is just perfect in my opinion. I ordered the regular Morning After in December and it was too big and heavy. I ended up returning it because I didn't like the hardware quality.

    The gold finish on the hardware seemed to be spotted, like silver was showing through. The hardware isn't good on this bag either, and there is darkening on parts of it. But for the sale price it's fine, since I love the style/color/leather of the bag. Rebecca Minkoff has good customer service (I've heard that one girl is getting her hardware replaced or a new bag, I can't remember which), so I always have a backup plan.

    It's hard to see from this picture since there are so many reflections on the hardware.

  2. And here are some modeling shots. Please excuse my sloppy appearance... we're having a heat wave here in the Bay Area and it was too hot to look cute.

  3. Great photos-love the bag. I got the Grace in chocolate-hope it's as beautiful!:tup:
  4. ooh thanks for the pictures!
    they look awesome! they gave me such a good idea as to how the bags look compared to other bags!

    very informative! thanks
  5. Oh, I likey. Good choice!!
  6. What a great thread!! Your pictures are so so so helpful for those of us who don't live in NY and can't see the bags IRL. Thank you!:yes: Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful bag! And by the way, sloppy?? I think you look cute!
  7. EXCELLENT photographs! The comparisons for size are brilliant. And the modeling pix always help. Thank you SO much.
  8. Oooo!!!! Great bag!!! I'm also considering this bag....but that damn Chanel never leaves my mind.....this is also one of my fave. bags..
  9. Congrats on your beautiful bag and thanks for the pics. Chocolate is such a gorgeous shade of brown -- I ordered it in the Elisha style.
  10. That is a fabulous bag. Your photo's were excellent, they really gave the feeling of seeing the bag "IRL". :drool: BTW I want that bag!!
  11. great pics. even better comp shots.
  12. Thanks for the photos! It always helps to see bags modeled.
    Heat wave in SF? I'll be there for July 4th weekend, I hope it stays hot!
  13. Looks great on you, the pics were so helpful both color and size comparison wise! Congratulations, it is lovely!
  14. I love the morning after! may I ask where you purchased from and the sale price?
  15. Congrats- she looks great! Gorgeous color!