My new pucci scarf for LV and bbag

  1. I just ordered this pucci scarf from Neimans. I see a lot of people in S.F with the LV batignolles and I just thought I'd tie this around it to distinguish mine from the rest. And it'll be cute on my bbag as well. what do you guys think.
  2. Cute! I am on the hunt for a scarf for my BH too! I like that Pucci! Very Cute!

  3. Thanks Selena. and it could be worn as a belt too. thats why I bought it. I can use it three different ways. But it'll probably never be on my neck.. hehehe
  4. I think it's gorgeous - that's what I think! Will look wonderful on both of your bags! The colors are very pretty and it will for sure set your bags apart from the rest! Good for you!
  5. It's a beauty! It'll look great!
  6. Yay to scarves :nuts: I love the colors!
  7. I hang my pucci scarf off of my black balenciaga city...i like it...its different. I actually only paid $20 for it at the Saks outlet! Check it out!
  8. Cute! Love the colors kylieReese!
  9. Really pretty, it will look very elegant on your bag.
  10. I love it! It will look great on your bag!!
  11. Awww...that is such an adorable scarf! Can't wait to see it on your BBags.
  12. Nice scarf. I love those colors.
  13. I love that! I don't know how you wear your hair, but I love a scarf headband!
  14. I love silk scarves! The Pucci is gorgeous! :love: Heh, I actually thought that noone ties scarves around their bags anymore. I still do, even though I can recall a magazine that said it was a passing trend. :hrmm:
  15. I wouldn't buy a scarf just to tie around my bag.. I bought this so I could wear it as a belt also. But it was love at first site:love: :love: