My new pretty in pink purse/wallet

  1. Hiya everyone!

    I just thought I'd share my latest purchase with everyone...not nearly as exciting as a bag, but I do still love it anyway. :heart:

    I've always wanted a Chanel wallet to match my jumbo black classic chain bag, and was aiming to get the quilted wallet (which has been showcased my several members on this board, thank you!!). But I could only find it in lambskin, which I know I'd destroy in five minutes. So I ended up with this cute little pink wallet. It only has four card slots which has forced me to consolidate the number of cards I carry...I've tried to colour coordinate the chosen cards :roflmfao: Forget practicality, it's all about what looks best.

    The wallet was only £175, so I figure even if it starts to look dirty quickly I haven't spent too much on it. And a big thanks to Alexandra, at Chanel on Bond Street who helped me pick it out. She put up with lots of umming and aaahing :p
    pink3.jpg pink2.jpg pink1.jpg
  2. Sweet! I like it... congrats!
  3. very nice!:tup:
  4. Very pretty! Congrats.
  5. Really cute! I love the little Chanel button/badge. :love:
  6. I have had the credit card holder version of your wallet in the same colour since I was 18, now 3 years on it is still in great condition and would not get dirty at all.
  7. Very pretty! Love the pink!
  8. it's really cute!Congrats!
  9. omg that wallet is adorable! I love it ... congrats!
  10. very nice and congrats on your chanel purchase. Doesn't matter what kind of chanel purchase it is, it's always exciting! :yes:
  11. Pretty!
  12. Thanks everyone!! :tender:

    Cammy1, so great to hear your card holder is still holding up. I was sure it would look grubby within a couple of months, so hopefully mine will last like yours has. They had a matching small agenda folder thingy, and I'm really, really tempted to go back for it! :blush:
  13. Congrats. It's simply gorgeous!
  14. So cute! Congrats!
  15. So pretty and I love the color. Congrats!