My new PRADA men bag and PRADA BEIJING olympic special


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Oct 24, 2007
That's ME ^_^
hey all, i just got a new men/unisex tote/hand carry/ should strap bag thta i love and also 2 PRADA SPECIAL LIMITED edition for BEIJING 2008 OLYMPIC from a friend..:yahoo:

the bag is very nice and full leather lining inside too BUT only compaint that there no logo on the front..... i am a label queen...:P

p.s i am guy....this is first time i seen PRADA doing a bag thta man can used too:yes:

the other 2 presnt are the limited edition PRADA teddy bears only available in asia for BEIJING OLYMPIC 2008.. there 5 deisgn but my friend other 3 was UGLY ( e,g takwando, boxing, ...:crybaby:

BTW, do u think a bag like this will go on sale? what makes a PRADA bag goes on sale? seasonsal bag? i hate ot see it on sale after paying so much for it..



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Jul 13, 2007
I really like the tote and agree it will be very versatile and you will get a lot of use out of it. Congrats!! The bears are too cute.

From my experience the seasonal bags go on sale twice a year, but sometimes the items on sale surprise me.


Sep 11, 2006
^That's pretty reasonable, actually - especially when it's all leather. Did you get it from the Paragon store?


May 14, 2007
Just outside NYC
i got it in singapore in asia for SIN $2100:yes: i wonder if i paid too muhc..;)
Prada has done men's bags for quite some time -- there were patent degrade messengers last year -- Bluefly carries some of the mens bags periodically if you can shop there -- not sure where you're from.

That looks like a bag I saw last year in NYC and the leather was to die for, so am quite sure you did fine paying whatever you did *however* when I've travelled in Asia the Prada prices are higher than NY Prada prices in Singapore and Bangkok -- so when possible, I would shop somewhere else -- then again it sounds like maybe you went to Beijing and got this on the way home?? It'll be a great memory piece.