My new Pomme Agenda is here! pics!

  1. Yay! I got my Pomme Agenda last week from eLux and my inserts from Filofax this weekend! You guys are all a bunch of enablers and I caught the pomme agenda bug! I guess that's what happens when you stay up late reading purse forum and "browsing" eLux :yahoo:

    I had wanted some sort of organizer for a long time, and this is perfect! Just need to order the Fisher pen now!




  2. pomme is such a gorgeous color! congrats! :smile:
  3. Congratulations! That color is so beautiful.
  4. OOOh, Mommy like:drool:
  5. Beautiful! So shiny.
  6. congrats, :heart: the Pomme! :yahoo:
  7. :woohoo: :party: another pomme agenda fan. yipeeee!
  8. Gorgeous colour, congratualations!
  9. Congrats!:yahoo:
    Pomme is really beautiful. :love:
  10. Congrats! I want one.
  11. Sooo beautiful! congrats!!!
  12. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  13. I just love this color
  14. Congrats!
  15. I have this and love it. Congrats!!