My 'new' petite noe!


Oct 20, 2007
I've always wanted something in epi and was thinking about the alma in cassis, and I've always like the petite noe so was thinking about the mono. So last week I asked TPF which I should go for, black epi or mono petite noe. After a lot of wishy washy, indecisive me went and got this from ebay!! Thank you to those who helped me authenticate ;)



Sorry, excuse the bad camera and dirty junk room! And sorry if the eyes look creepy!

I'm so happy! It's in great condition inside out and thank doesn't smell inside! I know the new red is coming out but I think I prefer gold hardware and the black interior.

Now I have a few questions...
Which bandeau should I get for it
And is there some sort of bag shaper for it so the whole bag looks more boxy than triangular? I've looked at pursekets but I'm not sure how good are they with structuring the bag

Thanks for letting me share!