my new patchwork venetia

  1. I got it today from thepursestore.

    The bag is nice, but I found many rimples on the skin. I don't know if it's normal for patchwork?



  2. i love it, you and the bag both look gorgous, congrats!
  3. Is it normal for patchwork leather to have wrinkles?
  4. I think the patchwork looks best in the Venetia. I really like it. I am not sure about the wrinkles. I would contact them to see if they have another bag. It is a beauty. Looks great!
  5. Oh my! You look great together, lovely bag, you're so lucky!
    I don't know about the creases, but they're not very eye catching, I wouldn't worry:yes:
  6. Congrats its beautiful!
  7. The wrinkles are normal. The soft leather and patchworking make the bag get creases.
  8. A beautiful bag, congratulations! Ivory and patchwork work really well for Venetia...

    The wrinkles in patchwork are normal, my patchwork Stam is similar in that respect. I guess it makes the bag look more "distressed"...
  9. Thank you all for your nice words

    Do you think it's big on me?
  10. Congrats! Ivory patchtwork Venetia looks so nice on you. The size of the bag looks alright on you, it is great! :flowers:
  11. Congrats! I think your bag is beautiful!!
  12. It's lovely!