My New Orange Box ~ KISS

  1. A new lady's belt called "Kiss". That comes with 3 different coloured cords. Very free form. You can use it in different ways.

    1) Belt
    2) Choker
    3) Pendant
    4) Pochette Scarf Ring

    The cords can be used singly or in pairs. I can't find a way to use all 3 cords yet!
    How's that for versatility! :graucho:
    Kiss in Box.jpg
  2. As a Pendant .... I would use a shorter cord/ribbon for this.
    Kiss as Pendant & Single cord.jpg
  3. I would love to see modeling pics, sounds lovely!
  4. Congratulations mrssparkles! It is very nice and very useful!
  5. As a Belt, with 2 cords tied from the same side ...
    Kiss Belt in Action.jpg
  6. :tup::tup::tup:
  7. As a Belt, with 2 cords tied on opposite sides ....
    Kiss In action 2.jpg
  8. Oh, I didn't know you got this one. I tried to make it work the other day as a belt or necklace, but couldn't. SA even said, "Um, no."
  9. What came in the box ...
    Kiss with 3 cords.jpg
  10. Oh?! Do you now think it will work for you, asa?
  11. It will make an awesome jewelry piece. Very pretty!
  12. TammyD, the SA showed me how it can be used as a choker, and tie a full sized scarf to it, and wear the scarf as a halter. I was very impressed. The SA is male! (the other one, not asa's)
  13. No, SA and I tried for a good 10 minutes to make it work, but it just doesn't look good on me. The cords I saw were brown, white and blue.
  14. Maybe that SA is more creative than mine!
  15. :kiss::kiss::kiss: x