MY NEW OLIVER GOLDSMITH AUDREY sunglasses worn by Nicole RICHIE yayaya

  1. here are the pics of them on me!!! they are sold out everywhere you cant find them. when i googled them i found them on craigslist here in malibu so i met the girl today and bought them from her for a very very good price!!!!!! yayaya soooo adorable! they retail at 467
    richie2.JPG richie1.JPG oliver 1.JPG oliver 2.JPG oliver 3.JPG
  2. Those are cute! :drool:

    And you look adorable with them. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  3. very cool!! you look so cute!
  4. :heart: it!

    You rock it better than Miss Richie :tup:
  5. They look adorable on you, congragulations!
  6. Those are adorable! Congrats!
  7. You rock the styles I don't think I ever could. They're lovely, grats!
  8. With your hair and outfit, they look VERY Audrey Hepburn! I love them on you!
  9. They look really great on you - good choice!
  10. absolutely love those sunglasses on you!
  11. iwearheels, youwearsunnies really REALLY well LOL.

    Was it you that got the Chanel 5018s a while ago as well?
  12. They look wonderful on you! Also, love your bangs. :smile:
  13. awww thank you sooo much gals!!! yes that was me with the chanels hehe thanks all :smile: i just recently saw a picture of audrey hepburn wearing these ones in white! so much fun :smile:
  14. They look FAB on you!
  15. They look so cute on you! Congrats! :flowers: