My new Lovely...Hamptons Satchel!

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  1. Oh the I long to go there...someday.:graucho: But until then....I will carry my new Hamptons Bag! :cloud9:I got the only one at the Outlet In Camarillo CA and if I tell you how much I paid you will absolutely flip! Any guessers? Winner gets to be my new Coach Whore BFF! hahaha (link to flickr group!):love: Oh yeah dont tell the Hubby I cheated on him today with my Credit card! :lolots:


  2. $250??
  3. 90 bucks? lol idk
  4. I'll say either $110 or $85
  5. Very pretty! Enjoy!
  6. I have not clue, but congrats, cute bag!
  7. My friend has that bag in black/white siggy...I believe it's from the outlet and around $150
  8. I'll guess 95.00
  9. Congrats on the Signature Hampton!!!
    Very Pretty!!!!
    I will guess $80???

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. congrats!!!
  11. Bradysmumm is the closest! it was 129 out the door. They had it at 288, plus 50% off and an instore 20% additional! If you live near Camarillo (or maybe the other outlets have the same sale?) you better hurry in!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong...but those are MFF and every outlet has them...
  13. Yes it is MFF, i just got the last one on the shelf at my outlet, and I didnt even realize it was mff, because I honestly dont care either way. I buy what I like. But I was just reading a thread about the diff between mff and fp deletes. IMHO I will never pay $500 for a bag, I always get my bags at outlets in the clearance or at tj maxx. Im just a clearance rack junkie!!!! So you are saying this bag was never available in this style as a FP? I love it! And msrp is $358, that would be pricey I think for a MFF
  14. congrats! I also love shopping clearance.