My new leather and suede Silverado satchel!

  1. This is my first Silverado! I was at Nordies @ the Grove in L.A. yesterday to return a Chamois Betty I received a few days ago (because the color was not me,) and I decided to purchase this Small Silverado satchel I've been eyeing for about a month now. It's a Fall 06 bag and what caught my eye was the texture of the leather, and the contrast with the suede trim. The color is Bordeaux, which is a dark brown with deep plum/raisin undertones. The suede trim and inner part of the bag is dark brown. I like the two-toned effect that the leather and suede gives to this bag. The whipstitching is tri-colored: black, bronze, and beige. I posted a few close ups to show the texture of the leather. :smile:
    S10.jpg S7.jpg S9.jpg s14.JPG S11.jpg S15.jpg
  2. Love that! The silverado is growing on me!
  3. annabelle,

    That bag is so sumptious looking! I'm lovin' it!
  4. Wow!! That Silverado is one of the prettiest I've seen. I LOVE your bag!! :love: The bordeaux color on it is phenomenal. Great choice!! Congratulations on that beauty! i
  5. I love it, it's gorgeous! How big is it actually, is it about the size of a regular silverado hobo?
  6. Anabelle! Gorgeous!:love:
  7. Thanks so much for the compliments ladies! I'm feeling a little guilty about splurging but your comments make me feel better! No more purchases for a while for me.:smile:
    judi, it's the smallest size satchel, and it's about 15" wide, 7" tall, and 6" deep. About the same size as the medium Paddy satchel...they also have the larger satchel there in the same color.
  8. OMG, I love LOVE that bag. I saw it at Nordstrom SCP!! Congratulations annabelle - that bag is amazing! Enjoy!
  9. Annabelle
    I love that bag! I may have my local SA call the grove to charge send the large to me! Did you see any other color silverados and do you happen to know how much the large silverado cost? :P
  10. Thank you ladies! When I saw this the last time I was there, I told myself to wait for the sales. Then I was afraid it might be gone by then so I just took the plunge...:smile:
    cougess, I think it was around $1900ish but don't quote me..try calling them @ 323-900-1250. I did try the large one on there and it's TDF!!! The only other Silverados I saw there were the Shopper Silverados (like the ones on Alogarag) I did not see any Silverado Hobos. They have new Bettys and some Paddy satchels, the new Pumkin color, Choco, Whiskey, Taupe. There were also Pocket paddys. They have a good stock of Chloes. I wish I had taken my camera with me. It was a madhouse there because of the Anniversay Sale going on (of course Chloe not included)
  11. So lovely! Congrats!!!
  12. Annabelle - thanks for the info!
  13. Beautiful - Congrats !!!!
  14. Annabelle, the color is gorgeous!:love: Do you mind revealing the price?
  15. ^^^ The prices have gone up! This one is $1500...grrr