My new large Gucci horsebit hobo! yaaay!

  1. I loooove it! I got it off eBay after what seemed like forever of waiting for an authentic one in brown trim/large to come along.
    It's like brand new-- I couldn't be happier!! It was a steal, which is great because I'm still in school so I didn't break the bank or anything all on a bag.

    I love it!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I just got another large Gucci tote (off eBay as well, amazing deal) a little over a month ago and was afraid it was too big on me but I got used to it. I feel like that one broke me in for this one because it's a BIG bag but I'm really comfortable with it. Except it's hard to put it on quick because the opening is so big, like I have to almost position it on my shoulder under my arm it seems.

    In any case, I loooove it!
  2. congrats :smile: man i wish i knew how to scour eBay!!! im just to scared hehe!
  3. i want this bag sooooo bad!!!!!! its just i am so scared about ebay!!!
  4. ooo congrats on your find!
  5. who is the ebay seller if you dont mind me asking. your bag looks fantastic!! i want the same one but in the black leather.

    congrats on your purchase!
  6. oh, lucky you. how do you know it's real, any tips for us? :graucho:
  7. congrats! i'm looking in ebay for a medium one actually. it's great someone actually found an authentic one! :tup:
  8. Oh you are so lucky congrats and you wear it well.Have fun with your two new babies.With how think the leather is they seem like great all weather bags.I'm finally going to start carrying my medium this week.
  9. congrats!!!
    which seller did you buy it from?
  10. Congrats!Your Gucci is gorgeous!
  11. Yay!!! Congrats on getting the bag!!!
  12. Congrats!! I have the large one in white trim.. u will get to the point where you can just throw it on! it took me a while because my bag was soo stiff but it has broken in beautifully now!
  13. Congrats!!!! Love it!!!
  14. I Love Itt!
  15. how can you tell which ones on ebay are real and which ones are fake...ive looked on ebay and i know nothing about gucci so i dont know what to look for!