My new jumbo classic flap!!!

  1. This bag is so awesome! I love how much room this bag has. This was my first purchase face to face at the boutique. I live kinda far from it, but it was worth the drive. The Chanel at the mall of Millenia in Orlando has so much to look at! Anyways, here is the bag and I should be receiving my new pearls tomorrow or Tues. I'll post pics as soon as I get them...

    P.S...anyone else feeling really pressured to get everything they want before Nov. I really think I am going to order a couple more bags and then be done with buying for a long long time...the prices are getting sooo steep
    august 084.jpg august 082.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!! Great choice!
  3. love the jumbo! such a versatile bag. enjoy it!
  4. great bag, congrats!!! I know what you mean about trying to rush buying our wish lists sooner than later with the upcoming increase, I just ordered a jumbo classic as well!
  5. congrats!
  6. Congrats! love it! Enjoy:smile:
    two more chanels?:graucho:
  7. Beautiful bag!
  8. Yeah, I think I need to get a white PST and hopefully a beige something else before the price increase. I already have a burgundy color and ivory color bag so I think after these last 2 purchases I will have all my bases covered!!
  9. Beautiful bag , good luck! Enjoy
  10. I have this bag and love it. It does hold a ton. Great choice.

  11. fabulous!
  12. Excellent pick... congrats!
  13. I just got the same bag for my first Chanel! Congrats! great Choice!!
  14. Lovely bag. Congrats.
  15. I got this bag on Friday ... wore it for the first time to dinner tonight. Great bag - congrats!