my new Ines

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  1. A very nice packtage this morning...
    my new bag : the Ines in blue marine
    i'm so happy ...
    it's my first Ines and i think it's a bag for me ...the style is perfect for all day and very easy
    thanks thanks thanks to a special member of this forum ♥♥♥

    if you want to see it ...its there
  2. I love it! The color is gorgeous! I've always had an admiration for this bag...:biggrin:
  3. I love this bag! Congratulations!
  4. very pretty!!
  5. The Ines is gorgeous...and so is the rest of your collections! Congrats.
  6. Gorgeous color!
  7. it's beautiful! congrats! that color is amazing!
  8. Love this bag, and the color is TDF. Congrats!!
  9. Congrats on your new bag!
  10. i used to own this bag! it's beautiful. congrats! you're building up your collection pretty quickly, aren't you? :graucho:

  11. A beautiful bag for a beautiful member ;)

    Enjoy it! Is it going to Mexico?
  12. I love that color and the Ines is such a classic looking bag! (BTW, I think the one you don't know the name of may be the Bal Harbour...not positive though.) Congrats on a beautiful addition to your collection!!
  13. so you decided to sell her kim? on the 'bay?

    lovely indigo ines btw :heart:
  14. Beautiful! So classic! Congratualtions!
  15. nope. sold it to a coworker. i love working with lawyers. there's always someone who wants my bags!