My New HGs/Review of: Shiseido's Hydro-Powder Cream Eyeshadows


Jun 4, 2006
General: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hydro-Powders!!! I haven't been *THIS* excited about a makeup product for a LONG time so they deserve a thread here on tPF imo lol! They're soft and creamy like whipped cream and is long lasting.

I originally wanted to buy Lancome's Colour Dose cream eye-shadow/base but they discontinued the entire line! *stomps feet* I've always wanted to try Shiseido's Hydro-Powders ever since it came out, so here I went last Friday to their counter and instantly adored the texture of these cream shadows and instead of intending to buy just one, I bought 2! The texture is softer and creamier (less thick) than Lancome's which on the other hand is more metallic and less sparkly than Shiseido's; either way I like both but Shiseido's gets an extra point for the adorable pot (Lancome had a cheap lil toothpaste-like tube). I liked it so much that 3 days later on Monday, I went back and wanted to get 3 more pots but they didn't have 2 colours that I wanted, so I just got one. I did put down my name for the next shipment of the missing colours; THIS IS HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM!!! lol

Packaging: Adorable! Fabulous! Also comes with a sponge applicator which I don't use (a synthetic brush with cream shadows works better imo); so I prefer to use my fingers which works great too! 6g/.21oz for 28$CAD+taxes.

So far I have the first 3 (I will get more muhahahahaha! lol):
1. Languid Lagoon H10 - This was the first one that I got, it was LOVE at first sight and touch! lol The light blue colour is aqua-like with a bit green. Has pearly SHIMMER, NOT sparkles!
2. Bare Pink H8 - I got this thinking that it looked like Lancome's Bermuda Sunrise which I LOVE, but Shiseido's is much more pink and orange, kinda like coral. It's still good as an eyeshadow but I do find that anything orangey makes me look like I have blood-shot eyes or that I didn't sleep enough.... So instead, what's so versatile here is that it can be used as a CREAM BLUSHER!!! Awesome! lol Gives me a really nice glow on my cheeks! LOVE IT! Again has pearly shimmer, not sparkles.
3. Lemon Sugar H12 - I was having a hard time deciding between this and Glistening Sand H9 (see 4), but I bought this instead and now I'm thinking that I need to go back to get the other one too! lol Anyway Lemon Sugar is a light pearly yellow! It looks great as a highlight in the inner corner of your eyes, or on its own giving your lids a pop! It's not a scary dandelion yellow, but a very nice pastel light yellow! More metallic and pearly than shimmery imo, but definitely no sparkles.
4. Glistening Sand H9 - This wiil be my next purchase! It has a peachy - pale gold, metallic/pearly colour. I think this one is more like my search for Lancome's Bermuda Sunrise! lol
5. Tulle Rose H11 - I don't have this one and don't plan on buying it, but I'm writing it here because I remember it well when testing it at the counter. It looks light pink in the pot, but once you try it one, the pink is barely visible and all you get is MEGA SPARKLES! I guess you can all tell that I prefer metallic/pearly/shimmery than sparkles now lol. Thus AVOID at all costs if you do not like sparkles!
6. Violet Visions H6 - tried it at the counter. The bight royal purple with blue undertones is really quite dark so I personally don't like it because I prefer a wash of colour instead. It's still a pretty colour with a SHEEN, no shimmers and no sparkles here.
7. Clover Dew - H13 - very pretty light pastel green with metallic/pearly effect. Belongs with Languid Lagoon and Lemon Sugar as the 2008 Spring Collection. I may get this too...
8. Green Exotique H7 - Ughhh... it's much more green than Clover Dew; not pastel-like, darker, grassier, metallic/pearly. Since I don't really wear green eyeshadow (except this gorgeous metallic olive colour by MAC lol), I won't be getting it.
9. Aqua Shimmer H5 - More turquoise and darker than Lanquid Lagoon. Like, Violet Visions, this colour is darker, more intense, and has a SHEEN, not pearly/metallic/shimmery!
10. Goldlights H1 - I normally don't like sparkles, but here in this wash of gold colour they look really pretty together. I dunno how the sparkles will look on my eyes... So I' won't get it just to be on the safe side! lol

Alright that's all I remember now! GO GET YOUR HYDRO-POWDERS NOW! lol

Besides these three wonderful eyeshadows, I also got the following:
Shiseido's Cream Eyeliner
L'Occitane's Handcream (which I do not like... wayyy too greasy and never dries)
Lancome's Hypnose Onyx/Deep Black
Lancome's Blanc Expert NeuroWhite Toner


Jun 4, 2006
i love these too! my first one was violet visions, and it kind of snowballed from there :P.

i use them on their own, or as a base for similar colored shadows.
me too!!! lol I guess that's why when I use them as a base, I prefer light colours, otherwise it's kinda hard to tone down the intensity afterward imo lol